Putting out the Fire

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"Come on Rapidash!"

Chimchar was having trouble holding on to Rapidash's horn.

"Do it Chimchar! I believe in you!"

Chimchar let out battle cry and pushed Rapidash away. He breathed heavily and stared down Rapidash. Suddenly Chimchar was engulfed completely by fire.

"Chimchar! Are you okay?"

The fire then exploded and disappeared and out came Chimchar, but he wasn't Chimchar anymore. He had evolved into Monferno.

"You evolved and learned a new move! Nice! Now use Mach Punch!"

Monferno ran towards Rapidash and attacked. Rapidash was knocked back but it regained its footing.

"Use Double Kick, Rapidash!"

Rapidash galloped towards Monferno.

"Dodge it and then use Flame Wheel!"

Monferno jumped out of the way in time and used Flame Wheel. He lands on the ground and took off towards Rapidash. Monferno landed his attack and knocked out Rapidash.

"Rapidash, return. I never though you could hold up against the heat, but I can see that you have your own Fire type to show that you can handle the flames."

"Thanks Kwon."

"Now its time to take you down. Go Ninetales!"

"You can try but it won't work."

"Ninetales! Use Dig!"

Ninetales dug a hole and went underground. Monferno looked around the field waiting for Ninetales to pop out of the ground.

"Careful Monferno."


Ninetales came out of the ground and hit Monferno. He was sent flying back.

"Use Flamethrower!"

Monferno was then engulfed in flames and was knocked out.

"No! Monferno return! Go Ralts!"

"Is this your last Pokemon?"

"Yeah and with it, we will win."

"Alright then. Use Fire Spin!"

"Use Teleport!"

Ninetales's attack engulfed Ralts but Ralts teleported out.

"Now use Confusion!"

The attack confused Ninetales. It couldn't attack without hurting itself.

"Ninetales! Snap out of it!"

"Use Confusion again!"

Ninetales was hit once again by the attack.


Ninetales finally returned back to normal but not in time to win the battle.

"Confusion once more!"

Ninetales was knocked out on the battlefield.

"Ninetales is unable to battle. The winner is the challenger, Julio!"

"Ralts! We did it!" Julio said.

Rodrigo was still in the stands with his arms waving all over the place.


"Rodrigo! I won!"

"That's great! Lets get our badges!" Rodrigo says.

He ran from the stands to the battlefield. He stood next to Julio. Kwon came up to them with a case in hand.

"Here is the Flare Badge," Kwon said, "this shows that you have defeated the San Diego Gym."

The front door to the gym opened up and Toby walked in.

"Hey guys," he said.

"TOBY!" the two said.

"What's up?" Toby asks.

"We just won our Flare Badges," Rodrigo said.

"We were just about to ask for one," Julio told him.

"You guys need an extra badge," Kwon said.

"Yeah," Toby said, "for me."

Kwon walked back to where he got the gym badges.

"So anything cool happen before while I was gone?" Toby asked.

"We saw a Mega Evolution of Blazeiken and got our own Mega Stones for one of our Pokemon," Rodrigo said.

"Sweet! I wonder if he has one for my Aerodactyl," Toby said.

"You got an Aerodactyl?" Kwon yelled from the other room, "I got an Aerodactylite for you right here!"

"Sweet!" Toby said.

"Hey Toby my Chimchar and Rodrigo's Treeko evolved," Julio said.

"Nice. My Froakie and Starly evolved. Felix gave me amber and I changed it into Aerodactyl. I also caught a new Pokemon called Honedge," Toby explained.

"Hey you! Come back here with that stone!" Kwon yelled out.

A little lion cub Pokemon came out of the room. It had the Aerodactylite in its mouth.

"That Pokemon looks pretty cool," Rodrigo said, "I want it. Go Goomy!"

The Pokemon put down the Mega Stone and prepared for battle.

"Goomy! Use Bubble!"

Goomy landed its attack on Litleo. It was super effective. Litleo got up and used Tackle. It landed on Goomy but it didn't take him down.

Kwon came out of the room.

"Hey Kwon," Julio said, "What kind of Pokemon is that?"

"That's a Litleo. It somehow enter the room while I was get the Mega Stones for Toby!"

"So its a wild Pokemon?" Rodrigo asked.


"Awesome. Use Bubble once more Goomy!"

Goomy hit Litleo with Bubble and made him weaker.

"Alright! Go PokeBall!" Rodrigo yelled as he threw the PokeBall.

The ball wiggled side to side for a few seconds. It then stopped.

"Yes!" Rodrigo said, "I caught a Litleo!"

Kwon gave Toby the Mega Stones and bracelet and a collar.

"Thanks," Toby said.

"And here are your badges," Kwon told them as he held out a Flare Badge.

"Awesome!" Julio said.

Kwon looked down and saw Goomy.

"Wow!" he said, "Is that a real Goomy? I've always wanted to study one before but they're so rare to find. Can you leave it here with me so I can study it?"

"I don't know," Rodrigo said, "Goomy was the first Pokemon I caught."

"I promise I'll take good care of it."

Rodrigo looked down at Goomy. It looked back up at Rodrigo. Goomy then nodded at Rodrigo.

"You want to stay," Rodrigo said, "for the benefit of science?"

Goomy nodded again.

"Okay Goomy," Rodrigo said, "be sure to take good care of him Kwon."

"I will," Kwon replied.

Rodrigo handed Goomy's PokeBall to Kwon. Then Rodrigo hugged Goomy.

"I hope you get stronger here buddy," Rodrigo said, "take good care of yourself."

He put Goomy down and they said bye to Kwon.

"See you later Kwon and Goomy," Toby and Julio said.

"Bye Goomy," Rodrigo said with a small tear in his eye, "see ya later."

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