Ch. 43

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Lana's P.O.V.

I wake up with a throbbing pain in my head. My eyes search the room, realizing I'm in a bed. Barrie's bed to be exact. Slowly I begin turning my head hoping to not see Barrie in the bed with me. Disappointment takes over me. He is in the bed with me.

Wait! Something is definitely wrong, besides all this fucking shit with Barrie. Someone is missing. Holy shit! "Lavender" I yell. "What the fuck are you yelling about?" Barrie wakes up, turning towards me. "My baby! My fucking baby got left at my fucking house." I say pissed off.

My feet swing off the side of the bed, standing me up. "Where are you going?" Barrie asks. "Home. I'm going home to my baby, and I'm taking Alex with me." I answer frustrated. Like a lost puppy I search around Barrie's house for Alex. The only place I haven't checked is the closet by the front door.

Putting my hand on the door knob I open the door. There she is. There's Alex laying on the floor asleep, in the dark closet. I bend down deciding on how to wake her up. I shrug my shoulders. My fingers wrap around parts of her hair pulling it up.

Her eyes pop open, her hands push herself up off the ground. Geez fast way of waking up, I'd say. "Let's go. Lavender was left home and we need to get there quickly." I say grabbing her, pulling her outside to the car. My hands feel around my pockets. Then my eyes shift to the car window. What the fuck? Why are my car keys still in the fucking key hole?

I roll my eyes just ignoring it. I have bigger problems right now like, what happened last night? Why can't I remember? Is Lavender okay? Is she hurt? I get in the drivers seat as Alex gets into the passengers seat. Without letting Alex get buckled up I just take off.

Hitting every red light as usual when I'm in a hurry I still make it there pretty quickly. Without saying anything to Alex I get out the car running straight inside the house. My legs move faster than ever, getting me up the stairs to Lavenders room. There she is laying in her crib crying. "Lavender baby" I say wanting to burst into tears, picking her up and rocking her back and forth.

With Lavender in my arms still crying I walk downstairs seeing Alex just now getting into the house. She closes the front door behind her, locking it. "She needs to be fed." I speak making Alex look up at me as she takes a seat on the couch. She rolls her eyes, pulling her shirt down. "Don't be playing that shit with me right now. I'm not in the fucking mood." I say setting Lavender in her arms.

She starts feeding Lavender. I sit down next to her trying to think of what happened to me last night. My eyes wonder to Alex, who is smiling down at Lavender. "Do you know what happened to me last night?" I ask making her smile fade away and look at me. "You don't remember anything?" She asks. I nod my head no.

"Well Barrie beat you pretty bad and made you do something sexual to him. Then he beat you again but I'm not sure why." She explains as Lavender sucks the milk out of her. "What did he make me do?" I ask afraid to find out. She looks back down at Lavender and says "suck him." My hands go up to my face, shaking my head. That son of a bitch.

Lavender finishes feeding off Alex after what seemed like forever. "I'm gonna go take a shower, watch Lavender till I get out. Then you can take yours." I say getting up off the couch. Making my way upstairs, I realize how disgusting I actually feel.

Once I get in my bathroom, that's in my room. I take my clothes off running the water. When the water seems warm enough I hop in. My hands pick up the washcloth and soap. I rub the soap and washcloth together then rub the soapy cloth all over my body. Quickly rinsing it off of me.

When I get all the soap off me I go for the shampoo. Squirting some on top of my head, beginning to rub it in. All throughout my hair. Bubble's start to form on top of my head, making me look like a grape. Don't ask why I say grape, I'm weird okay. After rinsing that out I do the same with the conditioner.

I turn the water off, opening the shower curtain. My hand reaches for the towel on the toilet. I succeed at getting it the first time surprisingly. With the towel wrapped around my body I walk to my dresser taking out some comfy clothes. Sweat pants and a green t-shirt. Once all the water is off me I dress myself.

I make way back downstairs seeing Alex talking to Lavender. Quietly I listen in on what she's saying. "Your so cute, aren't you cutie? Your a little princess." She starts tickling Lavender and she giggles. "You can go take your shower now." I say making Alex jump and turn her head back towards me. "Okay" she responds handing the baby to me.

Alex starts walking up the stairs. "I know you like her. You don't have to hide it." I say not even bothering to look back. "Alex likes you doesn't she." I say in my baby speaking voice stroking Lavenders little head. She smiles her cute little baby smile, making me lose control and hug her.

I outta call Barrie, I start thinking. I need to ask him why he did all that shit to me last night. Why would he even do that? He's always been respectful of me. Never has he ever tried making me do something I don't want to do. It's just not him. It's not the Barrie I know. The Barrie I know is so kind and caring. What happened to him?



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