8 (Perfidious Recollection) 8

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February X -Year Unknown-

-Unknown Figure-

Flames sparkled and danced around me. Was it my imagination? Of course it was.


I am drowning.

Fire cannot ignite in this substance can it? I don't remember much of these parts, but what I do remember was that I was in the waters, deep and forgotten. What was my name? I do not know. But what I do know was that I was drowning.

That's right...

I remember.

A boat--a fishing boat picked me up. A lucky net caught me by the foot and dragged me to the surface. The storm was raging on the surface. Waters rose and challenged the people upon the boat, with rain storms threatening to overturn the tides. It was a war between nature.

"It's a kid!!" a gruff voice echoed through the back of my head.

A kid?

That's right. I'm considered a kid of my age. Seven years old was it?

I remember now. I am seven years old.

"Pull 'im inside! Da storm ain't gon' lettus off de hook!" another voice boomed over the storm.

My consciousness remained of course. I could hear and understand what was going on, however, my eyes were sealed shut. Even using every bit of willpower I have, I could not open my eyelids. It felt like it was glued together.

By the time I was able to open my eyes, the storm was calmed and the tides ceased.

"Look 'ere, he's awake."

A plate of food, tuna, I believe, was set before me. I ate it humbly, savoring the tastes of the fish. The salt of the waters blew into my mouth. A slight bitterness of the work of fishermen was smeared over my tongue. But a sudden sweetness of the catch indeed caught my attention the most.

"You like it?" a man who seemed to be the captain asks.

My head nods up and down in response. "It's good."

"Kid's got good buds," another man chuckles. He was probably the co-captain of this boat. "Not many people can appreciate fish like you do."

The captain walked up towards my bed and gave me a smile. "Got a name d'ere, kiddo?"

"I don't remember."

That's right.

I don't remember my name.

Who am I?

The captain laughed. "Well, ain't that fantastic! We're on our way to land--we'll get you checked up there."

"Thank you," I answer, after finishing my meal.

October 25, 2015

Nicholas Mineo

In bold letterings, a store had a sign saying; 'FRESH SMOOTHIES'. Before I knew it, I was walking out of the store with four cups of smoothies. Carrying all four in a paper cup holder, with the falsified documents on top of the drinks.

"Thanks for coming!" the cashier waved before I left.

Sipping upon the smoothie, I grinned like a kid. Something that happened once every while happened; I could taste the fruits inside the beverage. It was truly something that amused me. Drinks always seem to have an effect on me, yet, food tastes dull in every way.

I arrived at the hospital for my daily check up on the kids. Emma had already got there when I arrived, with the girl holding a briefcase of sorts. Heh. Strange. I handed them all a smoothie and sat down in the chair next to Emma.

"You're allowed smoothies right?" I ask before adding another sip to my mouth. "If they don't allow smoothies, I'm going to have to talk with your doctor! I mean, seriously! Smoothies are awesome!"

The kids laughed with a carefree smile pasted over their faces. Damn. Why is this world so screwed up?

"She's getting released tomorrow," Emma stated, sipping on her mango beverage.

I turned my head towards the girl lying the hospital bed. "That's great!"


There's always a but isn't there.

'Here's this amazing car that can fly--Buuuuuut. It needs like, two million dollars worth of gas every hour'.

'Here is this amazing smartphone! It can do everything you ever need....but, it has a battery life of two hours. And it takes forever to charge.'

This world sucks.

Emma continued with her statement. "They don't have a place to stay."

"Why don't the stay at your place?" I ask, slurping on my drink. I was expecting something worse, but this isn't a huge kerfuffle to deal with.

The brunette sighed before taking another drink of her beverage. "I don't think...I can do that."

"Then my house it is," I answer nearly immediately. "Not a huge deal we have here. I was worried she had further symptoms or somethin'."

She then looked at me surprised. "Will your parents allow-"

"I live alone."


"I'll pick her up after school tomorrow then," I continued. "This'll be fun."

Emma stared at me for a couple seconds in wonder. "You're weird."

"Where'd that come from?"

The girl gave me a smile that seem to hide something a little deeper. I suppose it ignited a curiosity within me. It felt like this girl will seem to either ruin me,

Or change me.

I'm eager to find out which one will become the outcome.

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