Sup. Here is chapter 3 on the run. This one is going to be amazing. It also might be short. So, enjoy.


~Wex's POV.~

~Shredder's Lair~

I sat in my room. For some reason, I felt something missing. But, I had everything I wanted. I was Tiger Claw's daughter, the daughter of the most feared assassin in all of Asia. I had everything.

Or did I?

"Wex. Come here please." I heard a footbot say. I nodded and followed him.

He led me to Shredder's thrown, then turned and left.

"Wex. You know the turtles that I have told you about." said Shredder.

I nodded.

"Well, they are back in New York. They are going to destroy my plans during the Invasion. They have to be obliterated." he continued.

I smirked.

Father, told me that the turtles are the sons of Hamato Yoshi. Hamato and Oroku used to be close as brothers, but soon Hamato betrayed him. He stole Tang Shen away from him.

That's why Splinter and his sons are enemies amd should be dead.

"You shall capture them and bring them to me. One by one, they will perish." ordered Shredder.

I nodded.

I turned around and walked out of the lair.

The turtles are going to pay.


Ok. All my chapters are short, but I wanted you guys to know how Wex was doing, and here she is, trapped under Shredder's command. Anyway, even though this chapter is really short, I will make a longer chapter next. I promise. Bye.

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