The names Peeta

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I feel his hand on mine and blush. "The name's Peeta." Peeta I like the sound of that. He asks me where I'm from and introduces me to Finnick, Annie, Gale, Delly, and Johanna.

He is incredibly nice. I dropped my pencil and he picked it up for me, and he kept a conversation going. I'm surprised. I've never had a conversation this long.

"Peeta Mellark! Do your work! Manners manners manners!"

Mellark. I like the sound of that. Katniss Mellark. Wait what am I saying! I am such an idiot. Wow.

The bell rings and we have Mr. Abernathy and Mr. Cinna before we go to lunch. I sit beside Peeta and he smiles at me.

"How has your first day been so far?" He asks. "It's been awesome!"

"Oh really?" He says.

"Because of you," I say under my breath, but he might of heard it. I quickly say "yeah," before blushing.

He blushes too.

Soon the rest of the group joins us for lunch. Apparently Finnick and Annie are dating and Gale has a crush on Johanna.

I hear that some pretty girl named Glimmer has a crush on Peeta. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She walks up to Peeta and says," hey! Wanna come over to my house tonight babe?"

Why didn't anybody tell me they were dating?

I smash my fist onto the table getting ready to leave as Peeta says, " Leave me alone Glimmer! We are not dating and never will! I will never dating some girl like you!"

And with that, I sit back down. People are debating on whether or not to stare at me or Peeta.

Then, something unexpected happens, and I can't believe my eyes.

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