Chapter Ten

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I watch the Beta in silence as he comes into the room more, this one seemed rather vicious in the woods and I'd rather not speak and anger him. I tensed as he came closer. He set the tray he was holding down and for a long while we had a staring contest. His eyes and face stoic as he observed me, but because I am weak I'm sure mine showed fear.

Then he sighed and I swear from the break of silence I almost jumped. "I will not hurt you little one. I, along with the Alpha and Luna have seen what you've been through. I would never do so to a child." I look at his eyes as he speaks and I can tell he is serious.

"No one will look for me.." I say so quietly if he wasn't a wolf he wouldn't have heard me.

He looks confused for a moment and then it seems he remembers what he said in the woods. "Why? Out of curiosity, would no one look for you. Do you have a mate?" He asked me, I know he meant no harm but pain seared through me like a knife.

I duck my head down, and my shoulders shake as I silently cry. I want to smack myself for showing even more weakness but once a mate was mentioned, even by me accepting his rejection I still felt the pain Siera still felt it to because I heard her small broken whimper.

I feel warmth surround me and I freeze, "shhhh," he coos softly, rubbing my hair. His embrace is so gently and just for a small moment I want to lean on someone. Just once, so I lean my face into his neck and cry. I cry for the lack of love from my family, from my pack and from my 'mate.' I cry for never having friends, for anything and everything the last 7 years.

Finally after what seemed hours my tears dried up, and I felt numb. When I pulled away, I noticed I was staring into the most beautiful forest green eyes I'd ever seen. I suddenly felt embarrassed for how I acted.

"I-I'm sorry.." I mumble.

The man chuckles, "that's alright little one. By the way I'm Jason." He grins at me and I offer a small smile.

"Kelsey." I say.

"Can I ask.. do you have a mate?" He sounded so hesitant.

I shook my head and smiled sadly, "I am- simply an Omega. He was. Well I wasn't worthy of being his mate, he rejected me at first chance." I chock out.

I see something I believe is anger in his face but shrug it off. "He is blind. A mate is a rare and precious gift to us. He has lost his other half and now he will never feel complete." He says almost as if he experienced it himself.

Which by my wondering expression he must figure my thoughts. "My mate was killed. And I was unable to stop it even though it happened before my eyes." He said calmly, though from seeing his eyes I knew it still haunted him.

"Rouges?" I asked cautiously.

He nodded, and I pouted, "I'm sorry..." I don't know what to say to that. What can you say? Losing your other half is horrible and sometimes deadly or even able to cause you to go insane. I reach out slowly and pat his head, he looks at me amused. Then his face turns serious.

"Why do you have so many scars?" He asks carefully watching my expression.

I look at him utterly confused, "because.."






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