Standing there, it felt like my heart shattered into a million pieces. I was about to throw up. I was so sick from hearing Keenon confess. Im his fiancee, why didnt he come to me & tell me everything. I reached for the doorknob, I slightly turned it. Everybody stopped their conversation & turned to me.

"So.... when were you gonna tell me Kee?" I stood there with tears in my eyes.

"Jai baby I didnt me–"

"Stop! This shit has been going on for months. While Im sitting here at home, thinking everything was okay, you were fucking other bitches."

Kee stood there priceless. He couldnt even fix his lips to say anything. I pulled up a chair, facing everyone.

"So you all knew about him cheating on me?"

Everybody fell quiet. It was so quiet, that you could hear a pen drop.

"Only one who knew was Dot" Kee loudly stated.

I turned to Dot & shook my head.

"Why Dot ?"

My voice began to crack. Sherane walked over to me & rubbed my back but I declined. I felt like all of them were some fucking liars.

"Look Jai, I knew but he was suppose to tell you a while ago."

Q stood back & shook his head in disbelief.

"Damn Dot how you gone let this niggah play my sister?"

"Let's not talk about playin people Q. When were you gonna tell me about Liyah?"

"Wait a minute, what?" I asked.

Liyah was still quiet as a mouse. That wasnt normal for her. She's usually a fucking chatterbox.

"Yeah Jai, ya brother was fucking Liyah while we were together."

"Umm together? Are you serious Kendrick?" Sherane intervened.

My eyes shifted to Liyah. I wanted to hear what she had to say.

"Jai Im so sorry. It was an accident!"

Not hearing a word she ha to say, my eyes fell on her growing baby bump.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I looked at her face. I closed my eyes & asked her.

"Is that Q's baby?"

Liyah broke out in tears & shook her head, confirming that her baby was Q's.

"Im sorry Jaida." Liyah said walking over to me.

"Can you forgive me?"

"Nah man. I told you how I felt about that shit. Damn man, yall fucked up everything! This was suppose to be a night to remember."

I put my head in my hands & cried. I couldnt believe this shit. I was fed up with them all.

"Jai why you doin dis shit?"

I hauled off & attacked him. Dot & Q pulled me off of Kee.

"Why? You got me at this fucking engagement party looking stupid."

I pulled out the note from earlier & threw it at him.

"Thats why." I yelled shaking my head.

"Well yall ruined this evening for me. Anything else?"

"I accidentally kissed Keenon." Liyah added.

I dont know what took over my body but I lunged across the table. She was gonna die right there.

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