Oh God

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I stared at the inmates who surrounded me. I blinked. This was the most idiotic idea I've ever heard of. It took me quite awhile to finally interpret what was explained to me.

"How do you even plan to pull this off?!" I exclaimed. "Did you even stop to think about the risks in it?! Potentially all of us could die and-

"We're aware of that," answered the mechanical voice of Nagi. "But we're willing to lay down our lives to be free again. We all have our own definitions of freedom and different motivations. That's what makes this worth it. If we don't even try, we'll just end up dead anyways. I'm willing to do anything to see my baby girl." He finishes with a smile. There was something off. It was as if sadness was seeping through the cracks of his content expression, like a mask of some sort. I shrugged it off, everyone here is damaged in their own way.

"So, you in or not? I'm sure you wanna be free just like we do. I mean, we're literally in a hell hole." Karako spoke.

I pondered on the thought of joining these guys. Let's see, so either continue being tortured by being beat up by blood, possibly loosing organs, and having to associate with psychos or risk the chance of dying but have a hope of escaping and gaining freedom. Huh. As I looked around, the Scar Chain members were staring at me intently.

"... Oh what the hell. I'm in." I said. "I'd rather die than be forced to live here the rest of my life."

"Something we can all agree on! Welcome to Scar Chain!"

"Hey (y/n)! Pick you're poison!" Yelled the guy tending the bar.

A few days later it was inspection week. This was our one chance to succeed. God I hope none of us die.

"Yo (Y/n) you ready to do this?" Karako asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be..." My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. Scenario after scenario popped into my mind, each worst than the last. This is going to be just great. Note the sarcasm.

As Yamazaki opened the door I tossed all of my negative thoughts aside. Not only are we doing this for ourselves, we're doing this for the sake of all of the prisoners who ended up here guilty of no crime. Yamazaki proceeded to aid us in continuing, creating a web of blood so we don't trigger the dangerous bridge.



Well... I guess we're gonna die. To think I thought we had a chance of freedom. As we dropped to the ground, a door opened and this weird contraption thingy came out. Crap. It spit out a liquid in generous amounts, hitting Koumoto. His skin started peeling off. The substance must of been acid. I started to gag. This was all way to much.

"Help me..." He mumbled from the ground, experiencing pure agony no doubt. The robot was moving forward though and showed no sympathy. It immediately crushed him his now still body in a pool of both acid and blood. There was no time to mourn his death. If we wanted to survive we had to keep moving or else we'd end up like him. As we ran across the bridge, it started to break from the acid. Oh God.

"Karako no!" Screamed Ganta. I turned around she was holding up the bridge. I looked with fear as the contraption neared her. She gave me a look that said "Get out of here now or else I'm going to kill you in hell."

"Ganta we gotta keep moving!" I yelled, my throat closing up as I pulled him along with all my might.

"But we can kick his ass together!"

"There isn't enough to time. Get out of here now!"

I feel so useless. By now my eyes were blurry. These people wanted nothing more than to be outside. Why must they suffer like so? A splash of acid hit Karako's shoulder. I turned around. She's going to make it. She's going to be alright. She's too strong to die now, right? Right?! All of these thoughts swarmed my head as we crossed the rest of the bridge into the next room.

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