Hey, sweets.

Anne came over this morning so we have already left. Ashton will come over some time today, although the other boys couldn't make it. Anne is pretty excited to let you have your alone time so be civil. I don't care who you date. Just don't hurt him.

Love, mum.

Also, your sister left and your brothers had decided to go over to their friends house.

I read the note over and over again, trying to let my brain process it in. Then I looked at the clock and it said 9:30 AM.

I doubt Ashton will be here this early so I probably had some time to get ready.

I slowly got out of my bed and went over to my closet. I took off my shirt ( not forgetting to put on a bra) and looked for a decent shirt to wear. The only thing my brain really focused on were the colors and so far, I've seen a purple one, blue one, yellow one, pink one, and brown one. But I wasn't really feeling any of those colors so I just gave up and went into the washroom and did my morning routine. The first thing I did was looked at my reflection and might I just add that I looked absolutely hideous.

Unfortunately, I was half asleep so I didn't really give any shits about my appearance at the moment. I washed my face and did the rest of my routine.

After I was finished, I walked out of my room and down into the kitchen. The lights were already turned on so my mum must have left them on since she did tell me there was no one else home......

Or at least she hinted it to me.

Nevertheless I walked straight to the fridge and opened it. I looked around and nothing temted my stomach at all so I just decided to grab the box of milk and have cereal this morning. I was about to walk to the cupboard when I found my cereal sitting on top of the counter.

Colton must have left it there. Lazy-ass pig.

I grabbed it and proceeded to look for a bowl and a spoon. Once I did that, I sat them on the island and poured my cereal in my bowl. As I was pouring it, I heard someone clearing their throat across me. I looked up and I saw Ashton casually sitting on a chair, eating cereal and on his phone.

I nodded at him and saluted him, then I continued to pour my milk in the cereal. Once I finished, I took a spoonful and put it in my mouth. I heard the cereal crunch as I chewed while looking at Ashton, who now was looking at me in shock. Well, more like just me. His eyes were averting a lot and wasn't looking at me in the eye.

Hmm. I wonder why?

Nevertheless, I didn't bother asking so I took the bowl of cereal and walked to the living room to watch while I ate, but not before saying, "Peace." To Ashton with a peace sign. I continued to eat my cereal and step out of the kitchen when I my goosebumps started to rise and I remembered that I was just wearing a bra and shorts.

Wow, that must be why I feel so free and unchained.

In a bra and shorts.

Wait...What the cheese nuts. Am I really in a bra and shorts?

I looked down and yes... I was in a bra.

Then I stopped chewing and started to think for a moment.

So If I'm wearing a bra, then wouldn't that mean that Ashton is in the kitchen and he saw me?

I backpedaled slowly into the kitchen and stuck my head. For sure, Ashton was there. He seemed to have noticed my presence so he turned his head towards me. He smiled sheepishly. I guess he must have figured out that I was half asleep and that I just actually realized he was there. I smiled back but freaking out on the inside. I set my bowl down on a dresser and took a deep breath for a moment. Once I inhaled, I screamed as loud as a could because what I just did was so embarrassing that I will probably never be able to forget and I'd have to live with it for the rest of my life. This probably won't be the last time I see him since he is a friend of the family-OH MY GOD! LIKE WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSE TO DO NOW?

Okay....Breath. Calm down. Don't freak out-oh too late. I kind of already did.

I could just face him or run into my room and forget it ever happened which is kind of a lie since I doubt I will forget such an embarrassing thing so maybe live with it and never have to show my face ever again.

I am not a softy. No way. I will go out there and face this like a woman because I am not ashamed to be a female and I am most definitely not ashamed of my boobs. If he likes it, then yaaaaassss. If not, then obviously he doesn't have good taste in boobs.

I prepped my self up and then walked confidently into the kitchen. In. My. Bra. Because I am an EFFIN' woman.

I got infront of him and said, "Hello."

He looked up from his phone, trying to keep his eye only on my eyes and nowhere else of my body. What a gentleman. We need men like him. Attractive and polite.

"Uh, Hey." He responded.

"So I'm sorry about the view earlier. I was half asleep and I wasn't expecting you to be here this early."

"Oh. Sorry about not telling you earlier."

"Okay..."I awkwardly said as I cut off the eye contact and looked at my fingers. "I'm gonna go change." I pointed to a direction.

"Alright," He smiled.

I turned and started to walk away when he said, "If it makes you feel any better, I'd rather see that than the boy's -erm- thing all day."

I stopped and actually thought about it. I smiled and took that as a compliment even though my boobs just got compared to a bunch of guy's penises.

But I also couldn't help but feel tingly and giddy if he thinks of it that way.

I ran up into my room and closed the door. After that, I leaned against it and sunk to the ground. Today, I was going to hang out with Ashton and I'm going to make the most out of it. For once, I can actually talk and hangout with the guy I like. For once.

I hope it goes well.


Whoo! Kenzie likes Ashton! What about the other boys?

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