Chapter 13

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The first thing I see waking up the next morning makes me gasp.

Quickly throwing back my covers I run towards the window. It's bright outside.

Yellow light coloring the sky.

The darkness looks like it has faded out.

Their is no sun ,Of course.

But the sky is awashed in light.

He did this for me .

Our conversation from previous evening rushes back to me.

I said him that I missed the sun

and he created as much of it as he could .The brightness and radiance , lightning up the skies of Underworld.

Because I wanted This.

He did this for me.

I have this stupid urge to cry and break into a happy dance at the same time.

Nobody has ever done such a thing for me (not that any body could have done such a thing ) It anyways feels really nice to know that he did such a thing for me.

But the happiness is swiftly replaced by dark guilt. It rushes out like air from a defleated bollon.

I turn my back to the window.

Opal as usuall fusses over me ,Bringing me a gown and combing my hair.Have I mentioned that ever since I came here I have been wearing only gowns ? Hades doesn't like seeing manly clothes on a lady opal mentions which makes me roll my eyes.

After she is done with me I'm finally free to go to the dining hall.

My eyes widen when I see him

The light pous from the large windows of hall bathing him in its brightness

He is a master of dark but no one can say the light dint do justice to him.

He six foot something drool worthy,speacimen of absolute maleness and perfection.

He arches an eyebrow, Slightly cocking his head to a side an amused expression in his face .

And I suddenly realize I'm staring at him ,Actually the appropriate word would be gawking at him

And he knows it.

Heat rushing to my face I quickly drop my eyes but not before I see his life twitch ever so little.

To say I'm embaressed is a huge understatement . But as we began eating a little bit of it fades away over the normaly of eating the meal.

"Thank you for what you did to the sky for me "

He looks mildly embaressed now , and It dawns on me to realize that isn't the show-off kind of a person. It ,makes him uneasy to receive praises or compliments.

The thought almost makes me smile before my eyes land on the huge boquet of iridescent flowers adorning the center of the table. They have the shape of lilles but are so very different

Its core is deep purple, The color lightening as it reaches the tip of those delicate petals the outer part of which is outlined with black .The flower gives a dull glow

Its dark.Its beautiful

These flowers grow only in his private gardens

Last evening before dinner we went for a brief stroll in his private gardens.

Each one is more beautiful than the other.The trees looked eerie like beech trees full of exotic looking flowers . The carved fountains the pools........I was awestruck

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