Chapter 3: Are you okay?

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The wedding was....awful.. just awful.. but I guess Kristina didn't notice: she was too busy flirting with Jason the whole time who I'm really starting to hate even more but my opinions don't matter, duh. I had already gone home gotten changed and found my way towards the mall and into Forever21 when my phone started buzzing in my backpocket. I didn't even have to check to know it was Kristina. I sat down on a couch in the back of the store and clicked the green accept button already knowing as soon as I answered her loud voice would start screaming about how charming Jason was. "Hello? Hello?!" She shrieked through the phone. Right on que. "What's up Taco-breath?" She stopped for a second unsure whether to come up with a rebuttal or not but quickly decided just to ignore my rude remark about a nickname she had a long time ago in middle school and continued talking about the important news. "Guess whatttt?!" She shrieked again. "Chicken butt?" I guessed. "Be serious, what are you four? C'Mon, retard." She said, I could practically hear her rolling her eyes through the phone. "Okay, so Jason asked me to be his girlfriend, like we weren't already dating, ugh stupid guys." She chuckled. "What is the big news I have stuff to do, so either meet me at Forever21 in the mall by my house or begone foul demon." I said Immediately hanging up the phone before she could scream in my ear more. She texted me "omw now be there in 10" I started to wonder around the store unsure of what to do until she got here since the sales weren't as low and prices had actually gone up. I circled the store about three times until I heard her calling my name behind me. "Took you long enough." I remarked. She started blabbing about Jason for another three hours, we had gone throughout the entire mall, gotten Coffee and we're leaving around 9:00 right before the mall closed at 9:30. "Ugh, my phone died!" I yelled throughout the empty parking lot. Kristina looked down at her phone, "I have about 20% left," she stated. "But I'm out of data..." She said frowning. "Guess we're walking." I said. We made it about half a mile until the street lights started to dim to a slow flickering, It started to become even darker. Kristina's phone had suddenly died (wonder why, probably texting Jason) and the streets had only 1 to 2 cars passing every five minutes. Kristina had dropped her bag and went back a few steps to get it, I heard her scream angrily, I turned around and saw someone grabbing and pulling her into a car, I ran up grabbed her arm, and pulled my way closer to the psychotic freak, I pulled out a tazer that was in my bag and jammed it on the side of the persons neck, they fell backwards, stumbled and was rubbing their neck, I squared up and grabbed the shoe off of Kristina's foot, who was now unconscious from smacking her head in the car door during the struggle with the weirdo. I pulled the Swiss army knife out from the sole of the shoe and grabbed the freak in a rear-neck-choke-hold and held the blade by their neck as they gasped for breath from the shock of the tazer. "Who in the hell are you?" I violently pulled my arm tighter around their neck waiting for an answer. The person started to choke smacking their hands against my arm, obviously someone weak for I have overpowered them greatly. They pulled off the hoodie and the face cover up and tried to kick me to loosen my grip, didn't budge. They were begging to breathe so I let go. They fell to the ground, gasping for breath on their hands and knees. I kicked them right in the stomach and pulled them up to see their face, it was a woman, she had a bruised eye, bloody and broken nose and possibly a broken rib and she wasn't happy about any of those things.

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