Chapter 2

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I came back home and got some things for senior year ready for the next day. We only wanted to come a couple of weeks into school because it meant that we could spend some more time with our parents, and travel to our holiday house in the Mediterranean.

I listened to music and just lay in bed until I feel asleep.


I was awaken with something on me. Then it started to lick my check, it was definitely my puppy, milo so I gave him a pat and brought him downstairs and outside to the garden. I made him breakfast and myself breakfast, when my brother walked downstairs.

"Morning." He yawned stretching as he walked to the fridge.

"Let's not get a plane the day before school next time" I greeted Jake back with.

I slowly walked upstairs to my room. I quickly did my teeth and hair and got changed. I got into some grey jeans, white t-shirt and a leather jacket. Look at photo for outfit.

"Bye" I called to my brother and shut the door. I grabbed my skateboard and started riding to school.

I didn't want to ride with my brother today, not anything against him. I needed the exercise plus it is a nice day and it relaxs me.

I watch people on their commute to work, and people walking kids to school or going for an early morning jog.

I saw my brothers car go past me as he drove to school. I was only a minute away before I saw all these cars trying to find parks and people reuniting with each over. I walked to the first entrance hallway. I kept walking to administrations, and told them I was here and got my classes and a few other important things.

I knew where my way around the school was and where most of my classes where because I had a tour here last time we visited Miami. I then noticed my brother talking to his group of friends.

Jake didn't notice I was their and I couldn't see anyone familiar in his group which was odd, but they also had their backs turned away from me.

I kept walking to the back of the school where my friends and I normally use to meet.

Of course they were their sitting in a circle laughing at eachother.
Ash noticed me first and squealed and ran over me, followed closely by the others and gave me a hug.

Ash was one of my closest friends. Even though she was the most excitable, whilst I liked to stay quiet to other people, she was also the most fun.

Ash was kind of small with the prettiest red hair. She has really nice eyes, and is really petite.

Next was Ashton, he was also one of my closest friends. Our parents had both been friends for awhile before we were born, so naturally he has been best friends with my two brothers and I since we were babies.

When Jake and I stopped sitting together in middle school, Ashton sat with me mostly (I think to keep an eye on me), but also hangs out with Jake and his group. Ashton has always gotten along with Ben as well, which is a pretty hard task.

"Ashton" I say giving him a hug. It had only been a little while seiner we last saw her as his family stayed in Britain for 3 weeks during the year.

"Hey you" giving me a tight 'brotherly' hug.

Next was Steph, she was extremely pretty with bright red hair, as well. She defined gorgeous.

I acknowledge everyone else and talk what seems like 10 minutes, but actually is 25.

"We have first together" Ashton grabbed my arm as we made our way to first period. The halls were crowded with students but we got to our class on time and sat at the back.

"So how was Will when you left?" Ashton whispered.

"Fine. We weren't even dating just causal flings." I replied nonchalantly.

"Aha, but seriously do you want to be back here"

"I don't really care, the cafeteria is yum though" I smiled

"And you miss me" he smirked

"Nup, Definitely not" I shook my head.






"Yes" oops, maybe a bit too loud.

"Mrs Smith, is their something you would like to share with your peers?" Looked at me.

"Just how much I missed having you as my teacher, sir." I smiled.

Ashton started chocking in laughter, then burst into laughter like the rest of the class.

"Ashton would you like to miss Mrs Smith's first lunch back in Miami? And I hope Mrs Smith that we don't have any of the same problems as we did in middle school" Mr Maine looked over at me.

"Of course not sir." I smirked at him.

Mr Maine looked at both of us again before going back to teaching the lesson.

I decided to listen to the last 5 minutes of Mr Maine's boring speech.

"Hey Chesca!" The one and only Jessie Mitchell called across the room as everyone started leaving the class room.

"Hey" I mumbled, not nearly as excited about her presence as she is with mine.

"It's great to see you again, how was...???"

"Britland. And yea it was fun but I've got to get going."

"Of course, well we should hang out now your back." I might not going to lie, Jessie is pretty, friendly and popular, but she wasn't actually friends with me, she just likes both my brothers.

She use to hang out with Ben, Jake, Ashton and me, but then she staring kissing the floor the 3 boys walked in and it got really annoying, but that was when we all stopped hanging out.

"Yea sure. Bye"

I walk along to my new locker, and put my books inside. Outside is just starting to rain. I walk to where my friends use to sit in the rain but find them not there. I walk around the school hoping to find them, but I can't.

I step out of the science corridor and run into charlie, one of bens friends.

"Francesca, what are you doing, you know you can't be in the science corridor without teacher suppervision." Charles faked concerned, with a big smirk plastered on his face.

"I could ask you the same question." I say rhetorically trying to look past him so I can go find my group.

"Well, if you're asking..."

"I wasn't really."

"Whatever. Mrs williams asked me to put some paper back in her class after detention."

"Ok, well I going now" I start walking off down the hall.

" oh and Chesca, your friends are sitting under the stairs at the English and history corridor"

I look over my shoulder to where he was standing, but see him making his way into the classroom.

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