CHAPTER #46- Set Free

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Jin called Simon D, she had a favour to ask. "Hi, do you have some time? I need to talk to you about something."

Simon replied, "tomorrow morning I could come to Jay's for breakfast... bribe me with abalone porridge?"

Jin laughed, "sure... but can you come tonight to talk?"

"Something wrong?" Simon could tell, just from her voice, that Jin had something on her mind.

"Not really, but I'm not going to the clubs with Sunny and the crew after R16 tonight. Could you pick me up?" Jin asked.

"Sure," Simon replied, confirming location and time with her.

Once she was off the phone with him, Jin pretended to feel ill and explained that she wouldn't be joining the guys at the club. She convinced Sunny to go on without her, to represent b-girls. Knowing Sunny loved being the centre of attention, Jin knew her friend wouldn't decline going out. Keeping up with her white lie, for the rest of the day, she made herself look green.

"So Simon's coming to pick you up right?" Chase asked.

"Yes, he'll be here soon. I'll be okay Cha Cha, really."

"We don't mind waiting. You don't look so good," Sunny added.

"Seriously, it's probably just something I ate. I'll be fine. Go have fun and win some battles for me." Jin hugged them and waived good-bye. Relief flooded her that they'd left. They weren't completely wrong, she was sick, but not physically it was in her heart and head.

Simon D arrived shortly after and Jin got in his car. "Thanks for coming to get me."

"No problem. What's up?"

"Tomorrow after R16 is done, is there any chance that you mind keeping Sunny at your place and maybe taking her to the airport for the flight out?"

He gave her an odd look. "Of course, we were planning to do that anyway."

"It's just that I want those last few hours to say good-bye to Jay. And I want to clean the house, before we leave. He's got too much on his plate to worry about domestic shit."

"Why couldn't I have met you, before you met him?" Simon teased her. "You cook fantastic, you clean, you're down to earth and have liked hip hop and rap almost as long as we have."

"You left out that I have a shit family, an arrogant brother, and that I'm emotionally damaged!"

"But you're loyal, smart and can throw down with skilled b-boys. I think that trumps the bad things and I know that Jay feels the same way."

"You are an awesome friend and just as loyal, with many appealing qualities aside from the money and fame. Never sell yourself short Simon D."

They teased each other back and forth for the rest of the drive back to Jay's place. Then she asked, "who's picking Jay up at the airport?"

"You're looking at him," Simon answered.

"Can you swing by and pick me up first?"

"I won't have time, sorry."

"It's okay, I'll wait for him here then."

Simon D walked Jin to the front door of Jay's house. Just before entering, she turned and hugged him tightly. When he returned the bear hug, she kissed his cheek.

"Good night Jin," he said.

"Good night Jung Ki-seok. Thank you for everything," Jin added and then closed the door, locking it, before Simon D could respond.

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