Chapter 2 The house

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'This is it,' (Y/N) thought, taking a deep breath. As Slendy opens the door, you're greeted by a boy who looks to be in his teens wearing a brown striped hoodie with orange googles and a blackish grey mask covering half of his face.

"Hey Slendy, who's this?" He asks, looking at you from head to toe with a hand on his chin.

"This is (Y/N),"Slendy replied, pointing at you. "She's going to be living here from now on."

"Cool, nice to meet you i'm Ticci Toby but the others call me Toby."

'He seems nice' (Y/N) thought, "I'm (Y/N). I hope we'll become friends," (Y/N) said, smiling happily.

"Well, what are you waiting for come on in," Toby said, holding the door open so wide it look like he was about to pull it off its' hinges. "Make yourself at home while the others come back from their hunts." And with that he took some waffles and went upstairs to his room. As you sat down you noticed that Slendy was in the kitchen making waffles with an apron saying ' Kiss the cook'.

"Soooo, do you know when the others come back?" (Y/N) said, slouching on the couch.

"Well, maybe in a few hours but in the mean time i will show you to your room."

As you walk upstairs, you notice every persons name carved into each single room door showing ownership, all except one which you assumed is your new room.

"Here we are, if you need anything i will be in the kitchen," he says and walks away shutting the door behind him. Laying down on your bed basicly tired, you hold your knees to your chest and start to fall asleep. 'I hope everyone will accept me as part of their family' (Y/N) thought to herself as you were swept away into a blanket of sleep.

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