The Night of My Life

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dedicated to NicoleBarry4

I was holding Ross's hand as he walked me through the front door into the school's gym. It was beautifully decored with an underwater theme. Inflatable sea creatures where hanging from the sky, the room was illuminated with shades of white and blue light, and the stage had an amazing work of detail.

I couldn't do more but to smile; my heart couldn't do more but to beat faster.

Without hesistating, Ross took me to the dance floor and we danced the whole night long. Song after song I wouldn't stop looking directly at his eyes, and he wouldn't stop looking at mine. His hands were on my hips, each time pulling me closer to his body while my arms were hugging his neck.

"Ross," I said.

"Yes, my love?"

"Can we sit down? My feet hurt."

"Sure, dear. Let's come this way," Ross showed me a way, held my hand and walked towards a table. I inmediately collapsed as Ross pulled out a chair for me.

"Felling better, darling?"

"Much better, thanks a lot," I replied.

"I'll be right back, okay?" Ross placed a kiss on my forehead. "I'll be right back."

Where the heck would he be going to?

"Hey, Y/N!" said a familiar voice, making me turn around.

"Rydel! Hey! Why are you here? Not that I'm not happy to see you or anything," I laughed.

"Oh! We're- um, I'm here because... um, I wanted to check up on you!"

"On me?" I laughed, she is hiding something from me... "I'm alright dear, my feet have been hurting a bit because of the heels. but other than that, I'm great!"

"That's awesome! Where's Ross?"

"Uh, he left to don't know where."

"Oh, alright. Thanks, girl!" Rydel started walking away from me, "hope you get better!"

I waved her goodbye along with a smile. I glanced at my phone to check up on the time. It's been a song a a half... roughly four or five minutes. Where could Ross be at?

The music went off, and the mic being tested, interrupted my thoughts and made me instantly turn my head towards the stage. Ross?!

"This one is for my girlfriend, whom I love so much, Y/N."

Today I feel like running naked through your street
To get your attention
Riker smiled
I broke up with my girl so tell me where to meet
Oh, did I mention?

I dream on, dream about you
Ross and I were having eye contact
What can I do to make you feel alright?
Baby I don't want to see you cry, no-oh
I wanna see you smile
I wanna see you smile

Today I feel like blowing all my cash on you
I'd buy you anything
Until I'm broke
Today I want to turn your skies from gray to blue
And if it rains on you
I'll be your coat

I dream on, dream about you
What can I do to make you feel alright
Baby I don't want to see you cry, no-o
I wanna see you smile
Ross got down form the stage and walked towards the table in which I was sitting.
I wanna see you smile

Grabbing my hand, he sang,

Let me take your picture, baby
I'll save it for a rainy day
I don't need much
I guess I'm just old fashioned in that way
So on the count of three, let's see you
A 1, a 2, a 1, 2, a 1, 2, 3!

He shortened the space between our bodies
I wanna see you smile
I wanna see you smile

It's the things you do
I wanna make you smile

He closed the space between our lips with a soft, tender kiss.

*A/N: Ross is such a romantic, sigh. I wish I could fin somebody like that irl hah. Hope you guys liked it!! More imagines coming soon.,I promise! Take much care lovelies <3 mwah!

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