Nalu & Lucy × Erza plus more

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Hello fellow Lemon Lovers! I am here with most people's favorite ship, nalu! And i also have some Jerza and a secret ship that most will guess right now! Also I'm sorry if starring stuff bothers you so im using the letter but it's a bit different and  the only way I can use super sexy words *wink* *wink* so onto the Lemons!

Lucy p.o.v.

"Hi Erza. Since no one else is in the guild can I tell you what happened yesterday?" I asked.

"If anyone hurt you I will kill them!" Said Erza.

"No! It's not like that!" I said.

"Oh, sorry, so what happened?" Asked erza.

"I was walking back home from the guild when Natsu stopped me and said "Hey Luce, wanna go somewhere with me?" I accepted the offer and he grabbed my hand and we started walking.

We walked to the beach and it was around midnight. He stopped and said "Lucy I -I want you right now!" He then kissed me.

I kissed back. We both started undressing while kissing. I pulled his pants down and stared at his godly cöck. It was about 13 inches long and an inch and 1 ½thick. I started licking the shaft of his delicious, godly cöck.

He moaned and said "suck me." I placed my lips on his tip. I started sucking and fondling his balls. I had a lot of saliva building up in my mouth so I put some on and in my püssy.

I sucked harder and began deep throating him. A few minutes of sucking him went by and he grabbed the back of my head pushing it on his cöck even more and said "I'm cumming!" I continued sucking and swallowing his yummy cum. I milked his cöck for all the white sticky goo it had.

When I got it all I slid his big cöck out of my mouth. I lied onto the sand and spread my legs. Natsu got on his knees and put his face near my püssy. He began licking and probing me with his tongue.

"Natsu" I moaned. "Fuck me, please."

He obliged, he lined his cöck up with my püssy. He slowly pushed in. It was painful yet... pleasurable at the same time.

Once he had gotten a few inches in he asked "Can I go a bit faster and harder?" I moaned loudly and nodded.

He slammed his cöck into my püssy and stopped moving. He suddenly pulled all the way out and then slammed back in balls deep. I was constantly moaning as he was constantly thrusting.

He pulled out and told me to get on my hands and knees, I obliged. He started fucking my püssy harder.

I looked in front of me while moaning and seen someone jerking off in the distance. "Hey come over here join us!" I said. The person walked forward and into the light.

It was Sting. He had a slightly smaller but thicker cöck. I opened my mouth and he put his cöck in. I started sucking and deep throating him.

I moaned on his cöck. I was bouncing back in forth between Natsu and Sting. Natsu's cöck was entering my womb multiple times and stings cöck was stretching my mouth out.

He looked at Natsu and they both pulled out of me. Sting grabbed me and slammed his thick cöck into my püssy. My back was facing him, Natsu walked up and put his cöck in my püssy too. It hurt at first but felt good after a minute.

Natsu started sucking my tit and put my other in my mouth. They both started thrusting very hard. It felt heavenly. Sting reached his hand down and started rubbing my hard clit.
The walls of my püssy tightened as I orgasmed. stung and Natsu came in unison. My püssy was overflowing with cum.  After that they lied me down on the sand and they jerked off for a bit and covered me in cum.

So that's what happened. And I'm really horny now if you wanna go to my place like last week." I said.

"That sounds amazing. I'm dripping" said Erza.

At my place

Me and erza stripped and started kissing I grabbed my dïldo and started fucking her really hard. I pulled it out of her and grabbed my double dïldo and put it in both of us. We we're kissing and twisting each others nipples. It felt amazing. Natsu jumped through the window.

He smirked and said "Which one of you wants to get fucked first?"

Me and erza took the dïldo out of each other and we spread our legs. Natsu stripped and lined his cöck up with Erza's dripping wet püssy.

He slammed in and started to fuck her very hard and fast. Her püssy juices started leaking out. I leaned towards her and started licking his cöck and her juices.

Natsu grunted and came in her. When he pulled out I started sucking him off, making sure to lick off all of his and her juices.

Erza started licking my püssy and I moaned on Natsus cöck. He grunted again and shot his load into my mouth and i sucked down each bit of it.

Erza grabbed the double dïldo and put it in both my ass and püssy. She pumped it in and out as fats as she could and I moaned. 

Natsu started face fucking me. I was now getting tripled penetrated. It felt heavenly. I came and passed out, but not after getting a full load in my püssy.

Sorry, no jerza.

Hope you liked it though! See you next time fellow lemon lovers!


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