Chapter 1 Arriving

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Glancing behind you, you see your small wooden house that you had spent many years in as a baby, a child, and now teen. Seeing it slowly fade away only brought back memories. As many times as you tried to forget, those precious memories never seemed to fade. Coming conscious, you realize Slendy was already ahead a good feet from you. Having the shocked anime face, you dashed over to his side while thinking of what to say.

"How is life in the mansion, Slendy?"(your name) asked, looking down at the ground making sure there were no branches to trip over.

"My Child, life is a little of both, easy and yet sometimes very difficult." replyed Slendy.

"oh, I see. Are there other people living in the mansion? I'd love to greet them!" (your name) said cheerfully with an excited smile, hoping he wouldn't say no.

"Yes of course my child, but I must warn you, they are a mischievous bunch and I want to know if you can handle them."

Hearing this you can tell he was challenging you even if he didn't seem like he was.

"Your on! If I can handle a bunch of rowdy little three year olds, I'm sure I can handle a few rowdy teens like myself,"said (your name), hoping you weren't acting too confident."I'm just saying I'm (cough) thegreatestteenintheworld (cough)."

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