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I looked to the desk on my right were my crush Johnathan uselly sits we had been the best of friends since kindergarten. But I started having feelings for him in 5th grade. My thoughts were inturupted by a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Jason, the ass whole I call my "boyfriend". I know it may be wrong to have a crush on someone while ur dating someone but Jason threatens me, he just wants me to pretend like I'm his girlfriend. Johnathan is uselly there for me but today he was absent.
"Hey babe." Jason said winking at me I just smiled and kissed him on the check.
"Hey." I said back plastering a fake smile across my face. I then turned back around and zoned out.
~after class~
"So baby I was thinking, we should go to my house." Jason said smirking at me. I then once again plastered a smile across my face. Because I knew he meant he was gonna try to do something that I didn't want to.
"Sorry babe I have to visit someone" I said then turned on my heels, but Jason grabbed my arm and narrowed his big blue eyes at me. He then pulled his hand away and pretended that nothing happened.
"Alright babe see u tomorrow!" he then kissed me one last time and spun around and walked the other way. I soon after turned and did the same thing headed tourds Johnathan's house.
~At Johnathan's~
I walked up to the door and knocked and Johnathan answered it. I instantly pulled him into a hug.
"Where were you?" I asked him as I pulled away.
"I'm sick." He said slightly giggling
"Well you should have told me that before I hugged you!" I exclaimed slightly disgusted.
"I'm sorry you hugged me before I could speak." He said once again giggling that adorable giggle he always does. I then joined in the giggles turned to laughter. We started laughing at the stupidest things.
"Johnathan what are we even laughing about?"I asked him in between laughs.
"To be completely honest I have no clue."

A/n: EEEYYYYY first chapter boom done hope u like it maybe?!

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