Giving up on a relationship

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People who are in relationships do not give up just because of fights. Even when they're in a fight, there is always that hope (no matter how small) that they will make up. When both are willing to give way to their differences and meet halfway, they learn from the fight and move on. The mark will never be removed but it will always be something that will teach them to become better in their relationship.
However, when one person gives up and stubbornly refuses to budge due to his pride and selfishness, there will come a sooner time that the other will get tired. In turn, no matter how the other is pained to leave the relationship because she sees him as "the one", she will have to. Because trying to fight for things and people that no longer want to be fought for will give her a deeper scar. It will be unfair for her. She must learn to give up and not let herself die.

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