Chapter 24

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 Mikoto's pov

Red. Everywhere there was the color Red. My hands burned even though they were my own flames. Buildings were on fire, and my Red flame was the one that was causing them to fall. But there in front of me was stream of black hair. As I walked closer, I could see the burns across her body that was caused by my flames. The ones that were suppose to protect her. She turned around and dull grey eyes were all that was left. Her face was getting burnt and burnt. SHe held out her hands for me, and I wrapped one of my hands around her, but she disappeared. Red orbs were the only thing proving she was there.

"You murderer."

I woke with a start. Sweat was dripping down my forehead. I looked around and sighed when I saw Shizuka next to me. She was awake and was looking at me with a concerned expression. She pressed one of her smaller hands on my cheek,"You had a nightmare." I got up and headed for the bathroom.

"That's my bathroom." She mumbled as she got off the bed and headed towards the drawer. I smirked at this a walked into the shower.

"My head hurts...water." I felt a presence next to me as I said this. A horse. I stared at the horse and I could hear Totsuak talking to Izumo in the background.
"Mikoto, name?" Anna asked as she held up a piece of paper. I looked at the horse and sighed,"Basashi." The horror that crossed both their faces was somewhat amusing.

"What a sharp sense, ne Shizu-chan?" Totsuka asked as Shizuka came down the stairs. Her hair was wet, showing that she just got out of the shower.

"I'm hungry." She said as she stared at the horse. Anna stood in front of the horse as if she could protect it.

"By the way," She started,"that's no ordinary horse." I finished for her. Just then, the horse turned into a white... what do you call it? (Shizuka,"Pegasus.") Pegasus. As the horse lifted one of it's wings, it shoulder was exposed and my stomach growled.

"King, do you only see it as basashi?" Totsuka asked as Shizuka was looking at the strain. She then started to back up a bit. Then, hell broke loose.

"Anna and the strain are moving."Shizuka said as she stared through her marble. She then sighed,"What do you want to do, Mikoto?"
"The blues are definitely involved in this then." IZumo said.

"What are we going to do?" Totsuka asked. A worried smile was on his face. I looked at Shizuka, and she was looking in the blue marble. I sighed and motioned for Izumo to do whatever he wants... apparently that meant going to the blues.

Time Skip

"Mikoto," Anna started.

"Don't cause us any more trouble." I sighed. Shizuka looked at Anna,"Where do you want to go?" she asked.

"I want to take it to the place it wants to go." I sighed. I grabbed the reins and started walking forward.

"Don't look or the sly one will attack." I said as I could feel the strong gaze on my back.

"Mikoto-san!" Yata yelled, followed by many of the other members.

"You've managed to catch Basashi? As expected, Mikoto-san is awesome."

The sound of wedding bells was ringing. I stared through the crowd at the couple.

"This is the ranch it was at before. The bride had been taking care of it all this time, it says." Anna said. Shizuka was staring at the couple in a lost look.

"So it wanted to come back to her?" Anna shook her head,"Because she's marrying, it wanted to see her in that state." Anna paused. "It's no longer needed in that place, and it thinks because it's a strain." Anna had a sad look on her face at the mention of strain. I lifted her off the horse,"You're satisfied now aren't you?"

"It's been causing quite some trouble, but it's all fine now, right?"

"Seri!" Shizuka smiled and ran up to the stoic woman. Seri's mask cracked instantly and smiled at the shorter woman.

"Shizuka, how have you been?"
"Good, how about you?"

"Fine, thank you." Then Seri caught herself and started to talk about Scepter 4 and all this,"But first, I'd like to know it's name." Seri smiled another calm smile. I could see Basashi blush next to me.

"It's name is..."

"Basashi." Shizuka said. Seri looked at her as if she lying,"What?"

"It's name is Basashi." Shizuka said again.

"Such a barbaric name for barbaric group." Seri sighed. Shizuka looked like a kicked puppy.

"Not you Shizuka."Seri quickly added. Shizuka was back to her stoic face.

"You shall be called, White Bean Paste Stewed Tofu." The horse looked defeated.

"What a sharp sense..." Izumo smiled as we watched the wedding continue.

Time Skip

"Anna, don't look so depressed."

"I'm not... Don't film me."

"Oh my, a depressed Anna is so cute."

"Waah, give me a break. HEy! I'm not used to being filmed." Totsuka awkwardly smiled. I sighed and stood up, walking upstairs. I passed by Shizuka's room, and the door was slightly opened. I peeked in and saw her in the middle of her floor. All of her marbles were in her hands, and she had a very distant look. I walked in and headed straight for her bed.

"Mikoto?" She said. I looked at her and I met very confused Mercury eyes. I hummed to show that I was listening.

"Are you having nightmares?" She asked. Her black hair was spread around her and draped over her shoulders as she looked back at me.

"Does it matter?"

"Yes." I Gave her a confused look. She looked down at the marbles. All of them disappeared into flames except the red one. She put a hand over her right shoulder while still looking at the marble.

"I know when you have a nightmare. No matter how hard you try to hide it. I can feel it. Are you forgetting, MIkoto, I am connected to the Slate? I feel every spike of power you have." She said, her mercury eyes hardening. I Sighed and stuck out my hand, and she took it. I pulled her into a hug and stayed in that position. I could feel her sigh, then start to drift off.

Surprisingly, I had no nightmares.

IT's been so long. HOw have you been?...Don't kill me.


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