Your Squad

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"You see.....After that incident,they couldn't accept your loss so...."Erwin said urging Hanji to continue

"They transfered to the Military Police..."Hanji said

"Military.....Police...."Akame said

"I see...."Akame pondered on about her Squad

"Then....I'll get you a new Squad,Armin Arlert,Mikasa Ackerman,Sasha Braus,Connie Springer,Ymir,Christa Lenz,Reiner Braun,Bertholdt Hoover and Jean Kirstein"Erwin said

"Okay"Akame nodded

"So....What Happened...2 Years ago?During our Expedition?"Erwin asked as Levi sat beside Akame

"As my Former Squad probably reported,we were attacked by an abnormal number of titans....Most of my Squad were injured,so I let them retreat back to you and leave those titans for me to handle"Akame said

"But....Tokha said they returned to check on you,but you were nowhere to be seen"Hanji said

"Actually....I was caught off guard by one titan and swallowed me whole,probably when they checked to see me,I was inside that titan's stomach,afterwards I cut the Titan's stomach open and escaped"Akame said

"Wow....It's relly hard to get rid of you huh?Akame?"Hanji said

"Of course"Akame said with a smirk

".....She's Perfect..."Jean whispered a blush on his face as he stared at Akame,Levi heard him

"What did you say,Cadet?"Levi asked Jean,hearing what he just said

"Oh!Nothing!Corporal!"Jean said

"Tch"Levi turned back to Akame leaving Jean

"I bet you must be tired,Let her sleep for now"Levi said

"But...She has no room"Mike said

"Oh yeah"Erwin said

"Let her sleep in my Room for now"Levi said

"But there is her old office.."Mike said

"Did you forget?We used that as a storage room.."Hanji says

"Then....Akame would it be alright with you to sleep with Levi?"Erwin asked Akame

"Yeah....I'm sure it'd be no problem"Akame shrugged

'Finally....I'll be able to have her all to myself...' Levi smirked in his mind

'Jeez.....Your style amazes me,Levi' Erwin smirked knowing what Levi was thinking

"Anyway,I'm really tired so I'll be sleeping now"Akame said

"I'll come with you"Levi said assisting Akame to his office

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