Chapter 4

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"Odin" dragged Thor into the palace. Along with me and Echo. I returned to my chamber as Loki took care of Thor.

"Sooo Sage... How long am I going to be here?" Echo hopped on my bed.

I giggled "You know you didn't have to come.. I can go have the maids fetch you a chicken if you like."

"That would be amazing princess."

I traveled through the golden palace, making my way my down to the kitchen. Once reaching their I ordered maid Claire to whip up some chicken for Echo. I rushed back to my room but as I turned the corner a royal guard bumped into me. The impact shoved me to the ground as howled in pain. The guard paniced and rushed over to me. He touched my shoulders and I slapped his face. The pain felt likes hundreds upon hundreds of thorns sinking into my flesh. Some of the maids herd the commotion and ran over to me.

"Are you ok darling?" One maid said.

"Does it look like I'm ok?!" I hissed.

The maids gently lifted me up and carried me to the healing corridors. I kicked and screamed furiously. They carefully laid me down on a soft white couch. A healing maid then appeared. She gasped at to how many cuts I had on my shoulders and arms. She made a concoction and applied it to my wound. It burned as she kept applying it. She soon wrapped then in tight bandages and sent me to my room. I didn't want to be rude so I left. I passed by Odin's chamber as "Odin" walked out.

"Sage, can you do me a favor... Um Thor is in my room and I need you to watch him for a little bit. He's still unconscious....what did you even do?"

"I gave him a handful of poppy seeds, then knocked him out." I chuckled.

"That's my girl.... Now I'll be there on a few hours. Grab a book to read or something to entertain yourself"

I walked in Odin's room to find Thor unconscious. Loki had put a few books on the nightstand. I slowly walked over to Thor. His hair was golden blonde. His facial features were at rest. His breathing was at a steady pace. His lack of sleeves showed off his huge muscular arms. His cape was tossed to the side.
I grabbed a book and sat on the window seat.

The next few hours were the same. Read Read Read. Thor suddenly jolted awake. He looked around the room in confusion. He saw me a let out a small growl rise from his throat. I put down my book and stated at him with a emotionless face.

"What happened?" He asked.

"You were unconscious for a few hours." I replied.

Thor looked at a wall for a few minutes replaying the last thing he could remember, then he turned to me "What did you mean earlier by Im more of a Odinson than you think?"

The room fell silent for a few moments. How much should I tell him. Do I tell him Odin's dead? Do I tell him I know about his past? I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before I spoke "Because... Because.......I'm..Your..Daughter...." I muttered.

Sorry for the shortness of the chapter! It gets longer and more detailed I promise!

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