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Songs for the chapter:

Scars- James Bay

Turning Tables- Adele

Stone Cold- Demi Lovato

What I Wouldn't Do- Serena Ryder (During the sunset this song lifts just us up guys.)


"I'll carry the weight, I'll do anything for you.
My bones may break, but I'll never be untrue."

"What do you mean he hit you?!?" Kristina and I were sitting on the steps to her front porch. She was calmly smoking a cigarette, while I was trying not to completely freak out.

Kristina had been seeing this guy for awhile, and it had sounded like she was pretty serious about him. She had told me about the parties they were going to together, and that this guy wasn't seeing any other girls. I've neglect to ever spend too much time conversing with him in the halls, and I never went to parties. I never really got to know him enough, but I know for certain he's trash if he hit Kristina.

"It's nothing stop freaking the fuck out." I couldn't see why Kristina was so calm about this. If a man had hit me, I would make sure he got what was coming for him. I would get him expelled and arrested. Respect is one of the key morals people need to have.

"It definitely is something!" I was trying not to shout, but I was already failing at that. I could tell Kristina just wanted me to keep quiet about it, but I'm not going to. Sometimes you have to go against the people you love the most just to save them.

"No man should ever hit you, or even mentally scar you. Every women deserves respect, and I believe that we should all be equal in this world." Kristina scoffs, and I cross my arms over my chest. She never listened to me when I was most right.

"You need to get your head out of your ass Sarah and just realize this is how life is. Cruel and unfair." Kristina stands up from her seat, and storms inside. I jump slightly when I hear the door slam. She was never going to learn.

I go home that night and do the routine of eating, studying, and sleeping. But for some reason I just couldn't focus on my textbooks and notes tonight. All the words weren't sticking in my mind, and it was because my mind was elsewhere.

I knew Kristina was most likely with him right now at some party. Even though she was stubborn about the whole situation, she didn't deserve to be hit by anyone. Nobody should ever have to endure abuse.

This is why I usually didn't let guys close enough to hurt me. If I stayed away from trouble, then I would be able to make it out of here. I'll go to college and I'll forget about all the habits that roamed around this place. It was like a disease, and they never went away.

I try going back to studying, but I couldn't. I couldn't just pretend like my friend was okay when she obviously wasn't. Hastily, I pull my shoes and jacket on and rush through the front door. I walk next door to Kristina's house. I know she probably won't be home, but I could wait for her.

When I ring the doorbell, Kristina's mother answers with a big smile plastered across her face. I always loved seeing Sandra happy. "Sarah, it is lovely to see you, please come in." Sandra gestures me in, and I walk into the clean living room.

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