Bunny and mouse!

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Wow I haven't updated this story in a long time! Please forgive me! Anyways here's the next chapter I hope you enjoy!

I sighed as I saw Lizzy fangirl ing over some stupid TV show. "Lizzy why do you have to watch this in my room?" I ask putting away my new music sheets and tilting back in my chair looking at her bored. "kyaaa! It's cause this show is the best! It's about a girl who is looking for her first love that she met when she was little and meets all these strange creatures and stuff until she finds him!" She squeals making me sigh.

"Still why my room?" I ask her curious. "hmm? Oh cause Rosie-chan wouldn't let me watch it in our room and snow-chan and jewel-chan said that their show was on!" Lizzy huffs puffing out her cheeks like a five year old. "heh. they probably didn't want to watch this stupid show anyways." I chuckle making Lizzy pout and fume with anger.

"That's not nice Siera-chan!" She yells at me. I just look away and scoff. "It's stupid." I mumble. as Lizzy keeps yelling at me I hear a knock on my door. "if it's you uncle go away!" I said laying down on my bed while Lizzy went back to watching her show.

"That's mean Siera!" Ringo says as he comes into my room making me sigh and turn onto my side eyes closed. "what do you want ringo?" I ask not really caring. "I have a job for you from shining!" He says sitting on my bed and clapping his hands together. "hmm? What is it?" I asks opening an eye at him.

"Hehe~ your going to preform in the final season of the popular TV show Alice's love!" Ringo says happily. Lizzy freezes and slowly turns her head towards us. "say again ringo-sensei." She said calmly. "that's right! Siera's going to be in the final season of Alice's love!" Ringo says happily. Lizzy squeals and jumps on my bed hugging me.

"Yay! Siera-chan's going to be in my favorite show!" She squeals making my eye twitch. "wait...I'm going to be in that stupid show?" I ask looking at my uncle who was smiling and nods. "that's right!" He says. "screw it I'm not doing it." I growl making both ringo and Lizzy sigh and shake their heads.

"Sorry Siera but it's from shining himself." ringo starts. "that's right and that means that you can't refuse it." Lizzy says. my eye twitches as a ticked mark appears on my head. "I hate you all." I growl. they both smile and laugh.

~next day~

I was in the rehearsal room reading the script. my character was called squeak I was a little mouse who helps Alice try and find her true love and I'm always arguing with another companion of mine carrot rabbit who likes to tease me and also fight with me. in the end we both fall in love and kiss. "hmm. Sounds easy enough." I mumble.

"Alright everyone let's get ready!" The director says. "alright let's meet our two new cast members!" He shouts. "Siera and syo!" He yells catching me by surprise. we both walk up and greet everyone smiling at each other. "well this is a surprise Siera!" He says laughing. I nod and smile.

"I take it your playing carrot rabbit." I said. he chuckles and nods. "yeah Natsuki also happens to like this show plus shining gave this to me." he says sighing. "hai. Lizzy loves this show as well I also got this job from shining." I said in defeat. we both laugh and take our places. "good luck!" We both said and the filming began.

~time skip when final seasons out~

All of us were sitting in my room watching the final episode of Alice's love. "why my room?!" I shout. everyone turns to me and shushes me making me pout and huff in annoyance. "it's starting!" Lizzy, Natsuki, and reiji yell happily.

~final episode~

"Gah stop that damn carrot top!" Squeaks (aka Siera) yells. "heh. what's wrong mousy? Cat got your tongue?" Carrot rabbit says smirking. (aka syo) squeaks huffs in annoyance as she glares up at carrot rabbit. "Alice tell him to stop!" She whines making Alice sigh and smile.

"I think it's cute how you guys love each other!" She says making squeaks and carrot rabbit yells at her in unison. "we do not!" Alice sweat drops and nods. they continue their journey and later they find Alice's love held captive. "hahaha! You'll never win Alice!" The evil queen laughs.

"Your wrong! I have friends to help me! And I'm not afraid of you!" Alice yells pulling out her sword. squeaks pulls out an arrow while carrot rabbit pulls out cards. "I'll fight to save my love!" Alice yells and charges into battle. squeaks and carrot rabbit both follow and start to take down one enemy after the other.

~time skip~

Carrot rabbit was on the ground an enemy above him about to swing his sword down. carrot rabbit closes his eyes and gets ready to meet his death. "look out!" Suddenly someone jumps in front of him and his eyes widen. "squeak!" He yells as he sees squeak get stabbed. she slowly looks back at carrot rabbit and smiles weakly at him.

"Idiot carrot top." she whispers as she falls to the ground. carrot rabbit runs over to her and holds her in his arms crying. "squeak!" He shouts his anger over flowing him. he looks up at the sky and yells a dark cloud appearing a tornado appears and starts to destroy everything as carrot rabbit yells to the sky tears streaming down his cheeks as he holds the knocked out squeak in his arms.

~another time skip~

Alice and her love we happily holding each other as they confessed their feelings and shared a loving kiss and waved goodbye to squeak and carrot rabbit who were smiling and waving to them as they watched them leave. when they were out of sight squeak sighs happily as she looks at carrot rabbit.

"We did it." She says smiling. "yeah." carrot rabbit says pulling her close their faces only inches apart. "I love you." they both whisper and kiss each other passionately as the final episode ends.

Reiji, Lizzy and Natsuki were all crying while the others glared at syo. "that was great!" Ringo cried as he hugged me. after that everyone left leaving me alone with syo as he helped me clean up. "we did good huh syo?" I ask as we finished cleaning. he smiles and nods. "yeah we did." I smile and head to the door opening it for him.

"Hey...Siera?" He says as he exits my room his back facing me. "yeah?" I ask tilting my head. he turns around and kisses me catching me by surprise. he pulls away and hugs me. "I love you Siera...I'm glad I got to kiss you again." he says and pulls away smiling as he waves goodbye.

I was left there standing in my door way eyes wide and mouth still open in shock.






*to be continued*

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