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I was sleeping really good then was emmediatly awoken by a loud buzzing noise. I looked over at my phone to see what time it was. It was 5:15 pm. I saw that i had a text from a number. I'm guessing it's tyler. I slid my screen over and opened my messages.

T= tyler

"Hey its tyler."

"Hey! Do you wanna meet somewhere so I can give you your jacket and tank back?"

"Yeah. Oh and actually, I was hoping we could do something."

"Ok! Where at?"

"Uhm. Can you meet me at the Café? "

"Yeah just give me about 30 minutes and I'll be there!"

I jumped up and out of my bed. I went over to my closet and picked out a different shirt. I just picked a plain grey sweater. I took the tank top and jacket off and put the sweater on. I went over to my bathroom and fixed my hair back. I ran back to my room, grabbed my phone, my cross body purse, and Tylers jacket and tank. I made my way out of my apartment and prepared myself to run down the 11 flights of stairs.


I finally get to the bottom and over to my car. I turn on my car and my radio and drive away from the apartments. I turn up the radio and a song came on. It caught my attention because the guys voice was perfect. I actually listen to the song. Like not just hear the words but to really listen to them and listen to what there saying. The lyrics were perfectly made.

"Oh, Ms Believer, my pretty sleeper
Your twisted mind is like snow on the road
Your shaking shoulders prove that it's colder
Inside your head, in the winter of dead

I will tell you, I love you
But the muffs on your hears will cater your fears
My nose and feet are running as we start
To travel through snow, together we go
Together we go

We get colder as we grow older
We will walk so much slower

Oh, Ms Believer, my pretty weeper
Your twisted thoughts are like snow on the rooftops
Please, take my hand, we're in foreign land
As we travel through snow, together we go
Together we go

We get colder as we grow older
We will walk so much slower"

I didn't get to finish the song. I pulled into the café parking lot to see tyler standing there next to his car. I wave at him and he waves back with the other hand in his jacket pocket. He's smiling like a dork. But... A cute...dork. (oops) I get put of my car and lock it and make my way over to where tyler is standing.

"So do you trust me enough for me to take you somewhere?" He asks me. Still smiling like a dork. You know... I've never really thought about it. He could be a murderer. Or a rapist. Eh. Oh well. I'll find out soon. "Well yeah I guess! Where we going?" I ask him. "Well uhm. It's a surprise. So you'll find out when we get there." He says scratching the back of his head then smiling like a dork again. "Well let's go." He says smiling and gestures for me to get in the car.

He sits down in the driver side and I get in the passenger side. He starts his car and then his radio and he turns it up. I've never herd this song, but he obviously has. He's sitting there singing the words to the song and I'm looking at him smiling. "What?" He says smiling and looking over at me. "You sing really good!" I say to him. "I don't think so but thanks!" He says and smiles widely and focuses back to the road.

We go down a bunch of back roads and stuff. Oh god. He's going to kill me. Or he's going to rape me. Stop it mind. Stop thinking bad thoughts. Should have staid home stupid. Stop it. Might as well kill yourself. He's going to anyways. Please. Just stop.

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