Chapter 10: The Warfstaches

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October 2014
Your POV

Mark took his new responsibility to a whole new level. Ever since I told him, he'd check up on us daily and make sure that we're safe. I told him not to worry so much, but it seemed to go in one ear and out the other. He's not clingy but a little close at times. It was cute. After he finished with his daily videos and I with things at the office, we'd meet up somewhere and hangout. We ran into a few fans, but they were tame. They didn't question anything. Our friendship is as strong as ever now. It's like nothing ever changed, except the fact that we had a kid. Monica is growing really fond of Mark. She gets giddy every time he comes over. If she hears his voice, she'd run full force towards him. A glint in his eye would appear when he sees her. He'd pick her up and twirl her around as she laughs her little head off. I love seeing them together. They made cute little nicknames for each other. Mark would call Monica 'Princess', 'Munchkin', or 'Sweetheart/Sweetie'. Mon would call him 'Marky' or 'Moo-Moo' for some odd reason. It's pretty humorous if you listen and watch the two of them. Sometimes he'd come over in the mornings and eat breakfast with us. They would watch 'Dora the Explorer' and yell at the TV when Dora couldn't find something so obvious. Their bond was growing and growing everyday and I truly love it. My daughter finally has her father. I mean, Callum has always been there for her, and he's always been a father figure and I'm forever grateful. But now, she can get to know the man who helped bring her into the world. I didn't tell Callum about Mark. All he knew about him was that he was my client, not that he's Mon's father. I had no clue on how he'd react. Would he be happy that she is united with her biological father? Or would he be enraged that Mark randomly popped into the picture and took the father role away from him? Or would he not even care and would still be here? Callum treats Monica like his own daughter. He's one of the only people I can actually trust with my daughter.

Today was Halloween and Mark said he wanted to treat us to something 'special'. I just hope that he doesn't go overboard. I didn't have to work today so it was a lazy day for me and Monica. We've been lounging on the couch all morning, watching Disney movies. Just as Simba began to realize what 'Hakuna Matata' meant, I heard knocks at the door. I groaned as I rose to my feet and went to the door.
"Coming!" I called.
I reached the door and turned the doorknob. Pulling back the door, I saw the green eyes and dark brown, almost black, hair I enjoy seeing over the years.
"Hey, Callum." I spoke.

"Hey, (Y/n)." He responded in a cheerful tone.

I invited him in and he gladly accepts.

"So, where's the little Mon-ster?" He asked.

I giggled. "She's in the living room."

A few seconds after my statement, the sounds of little feet slapping the floor grew around us.
"CALLY!" Monica screeches as she runs full force towards Callum.

Callum opens his arms, waiting for the attack from the little girl.
"There goes the Mon-ster!"
He lifts her up so they are face-to-face.

She laughs and pokes his face.
I chuckled. We started to walk to the living room until I hear my phone ringing upstairs.
"I'll be right back." I said. He nods as I retreat upstairs.

3rd Person POV

With Monica in arms, Callum walks in the direction of the living room. He makes it to the threshold of the room when knocks on the front door are audible. He places the little girl on the couch and proceeds to the door. He peeled back the door and revealed a man he was not familiar with. This man has messy yet tame black hair, light scruff, and black rimmed glasses. Callum seemed very unimpressed with the gentleman in front of him. The man looked intently at Callum.
"Umm... Can I help you?" Callum asks.

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