Storm brewing Chapter 7

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Perfection.  This was the first thing that came to my mind when laid eyes on her. When she stood to walk she glided towards us. That dress just made her look like she should have stood on mount Olympus. She has the smoothest brown skin, lovely brown eyes that I could stare into for days and get lost. Full lips with high cheekbones. There is no word or words to describe her. She stares at me with the most innocent yet seductive look I've seen any woman give. Not even my beloved Kaltrina looked at me this way. This woman, why is she with my brother? She seems to be to weak and fragile to be with someone like him.

Even though I'm on the opposite side of the house from them, you could hear her screams.  Seems my brother is still the abuser.  The poor girl she just doesn't know what she is in for.  I wonder what torturous acts my brother is committing to have this beauty screaming bloody murder.  I've seen my brother do horrific and despicable things to women he so claim he loves.  I once seen him pour  acid down the throat of a lady he was to wed because she miscarried.  He is vile and I see this one here is no exception. 

And what is it with all this white.  Does he think she will be his cleansing.  Ha, this man is delusional if he thinks for a second that God would even look upon him.  I know God loves all his children and I'm no saint but he quite frankly is satan's spawn.  He been this way ever since his parents passed and it only intensified after my parents died.  When we were younger he'd torture and mutilate innocent animals.  He always had this evil look in his eyes.  As time went by he became more distant and cold.  My parents did everything to pacify him but to no avail.  My parents chose to ignore his antics.  It was as if they had painted veils over there eyes.

I on the contrary saw him for what he was becoming.  I tried to help.  I tried to be there for him.  He didn't want it nor did he care to change.  He reveled in the power it gave him to take someone's life.  His first kill came at thirteen.  He killed our governess because she wouldn't give us any snacks until we did our homework.  He hung her making it appear to be a suicide.  I knew then he was evil.  Gone was the cheerful boy I once knew. Such a distant memory.  When we were boys you couldn't ask for a better friend.  This man I know today is no brother of mine.

He killed the one person that I loved, Kaltrina.  He denies it but what he doesn't know is that I know exactly what happened that night.  I have eyes everywhere.  Even here in the states, on his team, everywhere.  He tortured, raped, and sodomize her.  He finished her by cutting her throat.  The only reason he is still alive is because of my parents. I vowed to them before they died I would spare his life. 

The screaming has ceased and there is an eerie silence in the air.  I feel something but I push the feeling aside.  Instead I let sleep take me under.  I dream of her, the black beauty, imprisoned by my brother. 

I awaken early morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated.  I dress and go down for breakfast, expecting to see her there but she is not in attendance.  I sit at the opposite end of the table from my brother.  We say our good mornings and proceed to eat our food.  Once finished I tell him I will see him at his office for eight sharp.  I won't be there cause I know how anal he is when it comes to punctuality.  I love when he's irrational, it gives me the upper hand.

You see I, Arian Kadriovski, can be just as malicious as Armend if not more. Only difference is you have to cross me. I live by the code not against it. I don't give many chances but when do I expect a follow through. My every move is calculated and executed with precision. I move with stealth never allowing emotions to dictate my actions. Never moved never wavered. This is after all the art of war. My brother on the other hand lives by his on code and even though he is heartless bastard he acts according to his emotions. He strikes right then and there making him predictable. Feared but predictable.

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