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I walked to the basketball courts where all well most of my classmates played. People like Lana Sariah Jay Francis Jordan b and Jordan l and Jordan m all played. I joined. We mostly did scrimmaging, but sometimes we would just goof around and shoot baskets. I missed and stuck my lip out. My friends Lana and sariah saying stuff like what was that? In a joking way. We all laughed and it was time for dance class. We walked to the dance room and we were practicing the hustle. In the beginning of the song, Jordan l, and Jay snapped there fingers and stuck one leg behind the other and switched off legs doing that while bobbing there heads I let out a giggle, unable to hold it in anymore, and Jordan stopped to look at me. Girl you got a problem? He asked in the most gansta voice ever. I nodded my head no still letting out little bursts of giggles. Keeping his joking gansta face on turns back around and continues the dance, until the real dancing part comes in. As I was dancing I realized I missed his voice talking to me and joking with me. But why? The more I thought about it a weird feeling in my stomach came, and I felt my cheeks get hot.

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