• Chapter 51 Lovers •

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Mia's POV

"Where am I?" I asked myself as I got up from the bed. It seemed almost as if the whole room just turned white. This is a dream? Or am I just hella drugged up. Or dizzy? Nah this wasn't right at all. Where the fuck am I?

I started walked in this strange white room until to became a forest.

"Okay Mia you can wake up now that's weird." I said to myself knowing this was a dream.

"Mia come closer." A strange voice said to me.

"What the? Why? Who are you?!" I screamed.

"Watch your language young lady, keep walking." The voice said and I swear I've heard it before.

I kept walking until I was in the street. The street was empty and then I saw someone walking by towards me. I couldn't take it.. It couldn't be. What? Why? How?

I ran up to the person with tears in my eyes.. "Mom!" I said holding onto her like no tomorrow.

"Mommy I miss you!" I said as I pulled back and looked at her in the eye. She wiped my tears and continued.

"My little girl, you're all grown up and beautiful. You're amazing, strong and I'm proud of you for surviving those days with your dad. I'm sorry I couldn't help you baby girl." She said holding my hand.

"How'd you–?" I said.

"Baby girl I'm always watching over you. When you're in trouble I'm looking after you my love. Listen to me though, hold on tight to Justin he's a nice man and I approve. Sweetie you're in trouble." She said scaring me.

"What do you mean I'm in trouble.. Mom don't leave me.." I said starting to tear up again.

"I never left you Mia, but listen I don't have much time left. Someone's after you. I don't know who but this person wants to kill you. This person wants you completely gone and they will do anything to get rid of you. You've got to get away. Just for a week and you'll be fine. I gotta go my love. I love you baby." Was the last thing she said as I held onto her but she just disappeared.

I opened my eyes and I sat up quickly. Tears formed in my eyes but I didn't feel it. Where's my mom. I need my mom. Was that true?

"Mom.." I whispered to myself to see Justin looking at me and the rushing to my side.

"Babe what's wrong?" He asked and I just sat there. Not because I didn't wanna answer him, because I sounded dumb and paranoid but he didn't get it. He wouldn't get it I mean.

"My mom" can out if my mouth quickly and then I looked at him.

"She said I'm in danger, and she knows you and she know about my dad.." I said quickly standing up.

"That doesn't make sense how?" Justi asked getting to look at me.

"I don't know, she just knows and she said she likes you.." I said giggling forgetting the main part that she told me. My smile quickly grew into a frown.

"She said I was in danger." I said confused.

"I mean, you sound crazy. Yet it sounds real.. I'll protect you as always Mia." Justin said sounding serious.

I laughed as I wrapped my arms around his necked and pecked his lips. A peck on the lips turned into him picked me up and placing me on his bed. Make out sesh? Lol yeah it was,  and I didn't mind it. Hope my mom wasn't looking at me right now.we stopped because my phone rang.

"Ugh.. Hello?" Justin said answering his phone.

"One? Two of them? Three? How many of them?" I heard Justin saying making me giggle.

He then hung up and hovered on top of me. I obviously blushed knowing he just wanted to keep making out.

"Dr. Seuss call?" I said joking around. He was confused at first and then remembered what he said a few moment ago.

"Ohh you dork no, 3 of my dancer got hurt and who knows how many more are injured." He said as he laid next to me.

"3 of them or more?! What the hell happened?" I said looking at him worried.

"There's this part in my new song that's super tricky and I guess it was too tricky.." He said looking tired.

"New song? Already?" I asked him.

"We'll have the rhythm and beat that I want so technically I have the audio but no lyrics. I can't seem to come up with them.." Justin said looking frustrated so he just shut his eyes.

"You'll get them eventually maybe we can go and get some inspiration. A lake, a fair, theme park, your hometown maybe?" I said

I got confused when I didn't get a response back, but I just grabbed a cover and pulled it over Justin as I saw him sound asleep. He looked adorable. Too adorable but I didn't want to wake him up. It was super early in the morning.

I pecked his cheek and left to my room. We usually do sleep together which is strange why we have separate rooms but I had stuff to do and it was to go think. Weird but I'm a thinker and considering it night time, I'm not sleeping any time soon. It's amazing how I slept about a whole day. I just hope I'm okay in the end. Meaning that nothing happens to me.

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