Chapter 8

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Stan's POV
I've been thinking about Kyle a lot lately. I can't believe I actually have feelings for Kyle. I don't know if this is just a phase, or if I'm just upset because of what Wendy did. All I know is that I'm really confused. I know it's not good to deny your feelings, but I don't know if I have any. I don't want to end up heartbroken either. I don't know what to do right now. What if I do like Kyle? What if I'm gay? What if my family doesn't accept me for who I am? I'm going to ask my dad for advice. Usually I don't, but I don't know what else to do at this point. I walk up the stairs, and knock on my dad's door. "Come in," he says.

"Uh, dad can I ask you something?" I say.

"I don't have time to listen to your stupid girl problems,"he says.

"Well it's a good thing I don't have a girl problem,"I think aloud.

"So...what kind of problem do you have then?" he asks looking flustered. Good job Stan!

"Oh, it's nothing. Nothing at all," I say, hoping he'll buy it.

"Ok," he says, shrugging it off. I nod my head, and slowly inch out the door. I almost ruined everything! I don't think I'm ready to tell my parents yet. I'm really confused. I guess I'm still trying to figure myself out. When I think about the possibly that I could actually love Kyle, I don't believe it. Yet when I'm around Kyle I'm 100% positive that I like him. It sounds strange, but I think my mind needs a trigger. Sort of like a realization, but it will open my eyes and test how much I really care about Kyle. It sounds crazy, but I doubt I'll be able to figure it out otherwise.

I go into my room, and flop down my bed. I guess there's nothing left to do but wait. In the mean time I can sit here and think. Think about how I'm going to tell my family about this. About who I should tell. I can feel the tears starting to roll down my cheeks. I'll figure it out...hopefully.

Just then, Shelly bursts into my room. "Where is the spare Iphone charger?" she screams at me.

"I don't know, go find it," I say in an irritated way. That's when she snaps. She lunges across the room, and grabs me by my shirt collar.

"Help me find the fuc..." she trails off once she notices the tears in my eyes. She slowly releases me, and pulls me into a side hug.

"Sh-Shelly what are you doing? You never hug me!" I say.

"What's wrong?" she asks softly.

"I'm just confused is all," I say. She raises her eyebrows as if to say 'about what?' I gulp. Out of all the people in my family I never thought Shelly would be the one I told first. "I think I love Kyle," Is all I manage to say before bursting into tears. She looks at me and whispers something in my ear.

"I accept you Stan." I stop hiding it and let the tears come out.

"Why are you being so nice?" I ask.

"Because my period finally stopped," she explains. "And I'm trying to make up for the way I treated you."

"After the way he's treated me! I just feel like he doesn't care about me! I just don't know what do anymore!" I scream. My voice breaks, and I choke on my tears. I tell Shelly everything, and she sits and listens. Comforting me the whole time.

Kyle's POV
I can't take it anymore! I have to tell Stan how I really feel about him, but I don't know of I can take rejection. I don't know what to do. Usually I can always come up with some kind of solution, no matter how crazy it is. I just can't wrap me head around this one. I don't know if I can live without Stan. Yet, if we become friends again my feelings will totally control me. Without Stan I'm nothing, so I need to apologize, and be his friend again. But I have no idea what to say. After all the false hope I've given him, there's no possible way he would give me another chance. I'm being torn apart with this. I hear a knock on my door. "Who is it?" I ask.

"Just let me in before I kick this door down!" someone screams at me.

"Ok ok!" I say, walking over to unlock the door. The door bursts open and I'm pinned to the ground by Stan's older sister Shelly.

"How could you do that to my brother?"

"D-do what? I don't know what your talking about." I stutter.

"Stop lying! You know what you did!" I open my mouth, but it fills with blood as she punches me in the face.

"Sh-Shelly! Please stop," is all I manage to get out before I start choking on the blood in my mouth.

"Just admit what you did!" she screams. She stands up and kicks me in the ribs.

"Shelly please stop! Just tell me what I did!" I scream, practically begging her to stop.

"I told you already! You know what you did!" she yells. She continues to punch me, and kick me, until things start to get dark.
She stops for a second when she hears someone come up the stairs.

"Shelly? Are you still here?" Stan says as he comes into my room through the open door. He looks at me, and lunges at Shelly. He hits her in the face and knocks her off me. "Get off of him! That's enough! I didn't ask you to beat him up! Just leave him alone!" I hear him scream. He keeps hitting her, and she keeps hitting me.

And then everything goes black.

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