Chapter 3

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In the morning I get up a little later cause
why wake up early for no reason. I get ready and go get some breakfast. Im a little excited for school which is very unusual.

I get to my first period and already am fed up with the people and its only 7:30. I hate where I sit in math and i dont like the people in it either..

I get to second period and think great I know absolutely nobody. I soo socially awkward I dont know how making friends is going to work..

Anyway we get assigned lockers and it just happens to be next to her, the girl I didnt necessarily like. Great. I dont know anyone else in the row so I just talk to her.

"Hi.. um.. Im Emma.."

"Oh uh Hi.. Im Kara.."

"I uh.. like your shirt.." I say trying to make conversation.

"Thanks" she says as she smiles.

I didnt know what else to talk about. So I just kinda of stood there. Our teacher let us just sit near the pool since its so hot.

I went up to Kara and asked if I could sit with her and some other girls. We end up making conversation.

This is great! Making some ,some what, friends. The period ends and I just kinda go through my other classes.

6th period

Sixth period at last! The last period of the day! Well that and I get to see him.

Class starts and he once again is looking back.

The teacher ends things early and we put up our chairs. Im on my ipod and just scrolling through like Instagram.

All of a sudden he is standing in front of me!! Oh boy what do I do?! Im pretty nervous right now..

"Hi. My name is Jakob."

"Uh hi Im Emma.."

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