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HEY GUYS. Sorry just needed to make this A/N about mental health.....

After...3 years.
I've finally fucking got help. And tbh im proud of myself, I'm gonna see a therapist soon! About my Axienty, Depression and other stuff (idk the names😂)

So hey, I'm just gonna talk about myself

Hey! I'm Beatriz, you can call me Bea, I grew up in a place called Santiago Chile so my first language is Spanish but moved to Canada shortly after. 1/half years ago through my three years of depression I met a band. Yes you guessed it, 5SOS. They ended up helping me through a lot. Like when my dad wouldn't stop yelling at me and calling me names too in school when I hid from the boys who called me the same names I was called at home. I had them. Through my many panic attacks, I always listened to their music or watched a Funny Moments.

3 days ago, my father was more physical than verbal, so I was pushed into a cabinet. I was always verbally abused by him, he'd threaten to slap me but he's never pushed me into a cabinet. After that I went to my room. I wanted to end it all. Here the part where I explain, threw out the year of knowing these sunshines, I have met many beautiful people. And one of them called me. I had texted her a "goodbye"

She talked me out on putting the blade away and everything.
She told me to go watch Michael be dorky and Listen to 5SOS

Today, my mom brought me to the mental hospital and after finally 5 months after my hospital trip, I'm finally getting help. And I'm honestly so proud of myself.

And I'm here to say, if I can make it, so can you, Through anything, it doesn't have to be anxiety or depression it can be a lot off stuff. And I also wanted to say it's national mental health day. (Also HugADrummer ) but when Michael told us about his mental health, i honestly felt I wasn't alone. And I knew he was going to get through it, like I know you will.

Love you guys! ❤️


Whats the dream place you'd like to visit some day?

-I would love to visit Japan!

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