4.The true meaning

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I remember people telling
me that time flies,
But I couldn't feel it as I was busy
suppressing my cries.

There were moments when about the direction- I had no clue,
But I just continued on to the direction in which the wind blew.

I don't know how I kept going,
Was it my love that was unknowing?

Now I know what's true love...
I don't know her name,
Neither do I worry about her fame.

It could be the two of us,
And I'd never make a fuss-
over her to love me.

Maybe it's one-sided,
But it's the love I've guided,
and it means a lot.

Together we can be one,
and that's when my story begun.

I left my home.
To the nearby ancient Rome.

Where I deem to find her, because that's what my heart tells me to do.

I'll meet her and tell her just this once,
"You and I are meant,
  to be."

"You and I are yet,
 to be."

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