Chapter 6

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Luke's POV

Why did Tess kiss me?

Why was she crying?

I lifted Tess out of the car and carried her in a bridal style way up to the front door. I managed to slip the house keys out of my back pocket and unlock the door.
I placed Tess on the sofa and pressed my lips to her cheek. "Goodnight, Tessie,"

She looks so adorable when she's sleepi- Wait, what am I saying?

I shook away the thoughts swirling around in my mind and made my way upstairs to check on Del and Jamie. First, I checked Jamie's room and saw that he was sleeping- thankfully. When I made my way to Del's room, I could see her dimly lit lamp, that was on the bedside drawer, switched on while Cecilia tapped endlessly on her phone.

"Oh!" she exclaimed at the sight of me in the doorway. "How was your party?" she asked while straightening out her clothes- trying to look a little more presentable since she was slumped back in a plastic chair.

"Great," I smiled at her before saying my goodbye.


Tess's POV

It was mid-morning and I still had a head that felt like an axe was planted in it. My eyesight struggled to cope with the daylight and I fumbled with the blanket tangled in between my legs.
With my brain still struggling to recover from the previous night's events, I had very few options. Reading would be impossible, the TV too garish and I was staying away from my phone in case I had messages that were related to yesterday or Josh.

So instead I elected to feed myself and dragged my heavy limbs into the kitchen to make a fry up. Eggs, bacon, sausages, perfect for a hangover.

Before I could start making my breakfast, I could see Luke, Del and Jamie all sitting around the dining table eating cereal. I gave Luke a sweet smile to show my thanks and made my way over to the table to join them.

After breakfast, Del and Jamie went to go play with our neighbor's little boy who was only a few months older than them. Luke offered to help me clean the kitchen but I refused. However, Luke being the stubborn boy he is, decided to ignore me and began wiping the kitchen island.

After ten minutes of silence, he stopped cleaning and looked up at me. He cleared his throat before speaking. "Why did you kiss me last night?"

My stomach churned at his question. This was one of the things I was avoiding but I knew it would happen at one point.

"What? What are you talking about?" I asked trying to pretend that I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Don't try pretend you don't know what happened last night," Luke rolled his eyes at me.

Well, that certainly didn't work.

"No way, Sherlock," Luke chuckled. A whole load of heat rushed up my body to my neck and onto my cheeks. "Did I say that out aloud?" I asked, my head bowed down in embarrassment.

"Yes. Yes you did," he chuckled once again. I was hoping that my saying-thing-out-loud situation changed the topic but unfortunately, it didn't.

"So," he stretched the 'o' sound. "Why?" He looked at me curiously which was kind of creeping me out but hey, Luke can be a freak sometimes. "You kissed me out of nowhere because...?" He gestured for me to start speaking but no words spoiled out of my mouth.

"I-I'm sorry, Luke. I think it was the alcohol," I lied. I felt extremely bad for lying but I couldn't tell him about Josh because he'd beat the mangoes out of him.

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