Chapter 2

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I woke up in a sleeping bag on the floor of a dark blue room. I look around and begin to remember where I am. Rylan walks in with a bowl of cereal.

"Oh, good you're awake. Um...this is my first time with a genie, do you eat?"he asked blushing.

"Yes and I'm starving. I don't need to eat when I'm in my lamp, but out here... Yes," I reply. He holds out the bowl to me. "Thanks, but you relies I can poof up food right?"

He looks down, embarrassed and hurt. A wave of guilt washes over me.

"But, since you went through all the trouble of getting this cereal ready, I'll enjoy it," I say hoping he'll be okay. He looks up and smiles at me. I rub my arm and grin sheepishly. "Did you eat yet?" I ask.

"No, I couldn't sneak two bowls up here, I was planning to go back and get a granola bar."

"Here," I say as I poof a pancake stack with all the sides that are popular in front of Rylan onto a tv table.

"Woah," he says right before stuffing a pancake slice into his mouth. A look of pleasure crosses his face. His eyes sparkle with delight, I imagine them as little sparkly fireworks, of course his eyes are brown, so I imagine chocolate fireworks... I feel Rylan staring at me and my imagination shuts down. "These are the best pancakes ever! I need the recipe!" He practically yells.

"Sorry, unless you have some spare magic on you, they won't taste quite the same." I reply trying to look really sad.

"Darn it! Fresh out of it!" he grins at me,"Anyway, I have school and you're coming. So get into something less genie and more denim jeany, okay?"

I poof and my genie clothes turns into worn skinny jeans and a t-shirt. I snap and add high top-sneakers and a gray sip-up sweat shirt. I turn and smile at Rylan.

"Good enough for normal?" I ask smirking.

"Perfect," he replies.

We head out his bedroom door and I poof into mist because I know his parents can't see me. After passing a few doors we get to the stairs and they look like a picture collage. The walls are covered in family photos; I quickly glance at each one. Out of the corner of my eye I see Rylan blushing. For a boy he sure gets embarrassed easily.

     Once we're outside his face turns normal again and he relaxes. He unlocks his car and opens the driver side door. He steps aside so I can get in; I float to the passenger side. He quickly plops himself on the driver's seat and starts the ignition.

     About a block away I poof into non-mist form. I look out the window and watch the trees we pass, a little dog sat on the side of the street chained to a tree.

     "Stop the car!" I yell. Rylan hits the brakes.

     "What, what's wrong?!" he asked urgently. I got out of the car and walked back to the dog, Rylan turned off the car and got out to follow me.

     "Poor baby, your a cute little thing aren't you!" I said making the puppy sadly wag its tail. I bent down to pet it.

      "Isa, don't! It could have diseases!" he warned. I stood and sent a poof to the puppy who became surrounded by magic.

     "Nope, not anymore. This puppy is disease free, and if you don't want it, I'll take it. It will become my genie pet." I reply hoping I'll get it.

     "You know I have always wanted a puppy" Rylan said, I frowned looking down. He must have seen my disappointment because he looked from me to the puppy then to the lamp in the car. He understood that I was lonely. "Actually, the reason I don't have a dog is my parents never let me, he's or she's yours." I beamed at him, I ran and hug him probably to hard.

     I turned and looked back at the puppy, I made another poof cloud and when it disappeared the puppy was free and had a little sparkly, blue collar on. I used my magic to make an ID rage that said "Jewel."

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