Dear Diary, I'm Confused

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Dear Diary,

So yesterday, after Kelsey covered me in her plate of food, I ran to the bathroom.

To my surprise, Ashton followed me into the bathroom. He comforted me, he held me. After that, Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael sat with me at my table. I was a bit uncomfortable, and they could tell. So they started to tell me the humerous stories they told everyone yesterday. But I was confused.

How could one simple prank turn into four boys sitting with me, comforting me, trying to become my friends?

Whatever happened, I liked it.

-Claire X


{Claires POV- Past}

Today, I was actually excited to go to school. Only so I could see the boys of course.

'The boys'... It just sounded weird.

My parents had finally arrived home last night. I knew because I heard them at one in the morning walking up the stairs and into their bedroom.

They were still in bed now, thankfully.

So I quickly slipped out the door and off to school.

For once, I actually found a smile on my face. There was still worry filled inside me. Im sure Kelsey and Matthew would still get me back somehow.

I walk into my math class, and sit in my usual seat. I wondered if the boys would sit next to me today.

First Ashton walks in, and he looks straight over to me. I smile, but I receive a dirty look in return. He sits next to Matthew, doing a stupid hand shake.

What the hell happened?

Michael and Luke walk in, and once again, I receive dirty looks.

I look down at my lap, trying to hold back the tears. What did I expect? For everything to be better? I should have known it was a joke. Nobody wants to be friends with me...

"Hey Matty boy!" I hear Calum, and I find myself looking into his mud brown eyes. He frowns at me, maybe it was sympathy? But he still sits with Matthew.

Well, there goes my smile.

Lunch came slowly, but I finally fiund myself walking to my lunch table. Ready to sit alone again.

I start to eat the mashed potatoes on my plate, when another tap was palced upon my shoulder.

My stomach knots up, and I slowly turn around.

"Why?" Ashton asks me, leaving me confused.

"Why what?" I ask, my voice cracking in the process.

"Matt and Kelsey told me. How you tourmented them for years, and you know what? You got what you deserved." My face is full of confusion.

But then I understand.

"Ashton, I would never bully someone. You can believe them all you want but the truth is that they have been bullying me for years." Tears roll down my cheeks, and I can tell Ashton isnt sure who to believe.

I just sigh, and flip my hair so it falls onto my shoulder. I turn around, and then hear Ashton gasp.

He softly touches my upper back, the cuts from the glass.

"What happened?" He quietly asks, and I quickly spin around.

"Nothing! I fell- I um, I have to go." I grab my back pack and run out of the cafeteria.

But I didnt stop running, until I was home.


{Emmas POV- Present}

"Emma? Its been an hour, how are you doing-" I quickly look up at mom, who had red cheeks and seemed slightly embarassed at the fact I was reading her diary.

"Mom, whats going on? Is this your diary?" She sighs, and moves over to the floor beside me.

"Yes, its mine."

"Who's Ryan and I thought you had a good time in high school-"

"Emma! What entry are you on?" She asks.

"I just finished reading the part about you meeting 'four Australian boys' and the becoming friends with them."

"Read the rest of the entries. It will make sense at the end." With that she got up and left.

So, I flipped to the next page, continuing to read.


Thanks for reading (Allison and Kat)

^^Love you guys


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