chapter 22 - Len

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Why do Thursdays always feel so flipping long? Like really, lunch just started, and it feels like I've already been here for half the day.

I was sitting with someone from Zatsune's crowd, Akaito. Although, the way he hangs out with Kaito reminds me of Teto - switching in between the two groups without problem.

I figured that since he went between groups, Rin wouldn't yell at me for talking to him, and I'd still get fairly accurate information about Neru.

"You know what I heard?" He asked.

I only shook my head, uninterested, at least until he responded with: "Neru got her hair cut."


"Yeah, that's kinda what we're all all thinking."

"Who'd you hear that from?"

"Three different people actually... Kaito said he was actually there when Meiko cut it. Zatsune heard from Haku who heard from Neru. And Nero just told me like five minutes ago."

"Why would she cut her hair?"

"Dunno, but Nero told me something else interesting too."

"What this time?"

"Neru said she was getting her own apartment."

"How does she plan on paying for it?"

"With the money she's saved up from her job."

'Oh... right. She has a job, guess it was kinda silly of me not to think about that.'

"Guess she's been planning to move into her own place for awhile now," I said, trying to cover up my slight moment of stupidness.

"Must have," was all he said, and then the bell rang.

I spent the next few hours trying to dream up Neru's new hairstyle. Was it still long? Mid-back? Shoulder? Even shorter? Did she keep her bangs? Does she even still have any?

There were too many questions that I needed answered, which meant I would have to visit her.


After school I met up with Rin outside, and she asked me, "Where have you been at lunch?"

"You know that guy, Akaito?"

"You've been hanging out with Akaito?" she asked, crinkling her nose.

"Yeah, what's wrong with him?"


"If it was nothing you wouldn't have made that face!"

"Well, it's just that Miku and him aren't getting along right now either..."

"Miku isn't getting a long with a lot of people," I commented.

"She usually does, it's just a bit harder for her when it comes to Kaito."

"What are you talking about?"

"Erm... maybe you should ask your new friend, he's probably better at explaining it than I am."

'Rin isn't telling me? That isn't like her... I wonder what's going on.'

"Okay, well I'm heading over to Neru's," I told her.

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