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Ok guys so I know that I haven't updated in a long time and I am so sorry I love writing books for y'all and I love each ng me view numbers go up because that means that ppl are actually listening to what I have to write and some of you might skip this part and go straight to the story and that's cool too bcus I do that in books too , as long as your reading im  happy

Chris p.o.v

This nigga really think Im playin I went in the living room and seen the girl we was looking for I scooped her up but she bit me so I dropped her.

"Yo what the fuck bitch you need to stop before I kill yo ass right here." Then she started crying hella heavy I felt kinda bad for her, she didn't put herself in this situation she got shoved into it by this nigga but I still gotta get this money so I can't be feeling that bad.

"Aight ma stop crying I'm not gonna kill you just stop trying to be bold we five deep in this bitch not including me so please just go with it." Dyea.I really just beg her to be good I'm going soft I'm not killing enough.

" yo nigga you ain't getting her back until I get my money and this is just a taste of what would happen if you don't get it to me in the next three weeks." And with that being said I shot him in his bum ass foot.

"Niya imma put her in the van and then you gonna drive her to the spot on Euclid St and tie her ass up don't do shit till I get there I don't  want to see a scratch on her ya heard me ?"

" yes nigga I hear you shit I won't damage her now gimme the keys"


Ayye its ya girl niyah but anyways  Chris told me to take this bitch to his second house and I don't know why he wants thus nasty bitch in his house I woulda made her stay at the trap. I know y'all thinking why you got a problem with her when you just met her ? Well the only reason she was at that nigga deandre's house is either because she fucking him , she's a prostitute, a drug addict that ows him money, or because she ain't got no where else to go and that's nasty anyone who affiliates themselves with such trash is a bum bitch in my book. My thoughts keep getting interrupted by her loud ass crying.

" ayye bitch shut that shit up can't even hear myself think"

" ohhhh no see I might be kidnapped by you but bitch I will not let some random hoe talk to me like that if you were kidnapped by the bummiest bitch in the universe you would cry too"

"Yes that's okay because when we get up to this spot I got something for smart mouth bitches best believe that"

--- at the house ---

"So I'm a bum bitxh right I'm the bum bitch " just then I punched the hell outta her" I feel something dripping from my shirt so I look down and I see this bitch spit on me I was bout to square up and knock her out when she said..

" I know that nigga told you he didn't want a scratch on me so whatever you trying to do u just hope that I don't tell him you did it and I damn sure hope you don't leave physical evidence because then it would be all the more easier to snitch you out."


Yes I got that bitxh she thought she was gonna come up in here and run shit but no even when in kidnapped I'm boss as fuck. But I still don't know where I am or why I just got kidnapped for the second time and who that guy was that threatened to take my life then begged me to comply with him and this whole operation.
Just then that guy burst into the door he's kinda cute but he seems a little off or actually a lot off but hey I appreciate  him shooting my previous kidnapper in the foot, but I do not like how he renapped me right after that.

"Aye what's yo name girl?" I told him my name

"OK well did she hit you or touch you in any way Zaykayah? Cause I gave her strict instru--"

"Yes I know about the strict instructions I was being grabbed by you while you gave them yo her and you'll be happy to know that she didn't touch me in any way she was just quiet." I don't know why I'm lying for this bitch but this guy seems like he could get pretty violent when he's angry and ion need her beating on my head so yea.

"Niyah I'm proud if you that's why I'm proud of you that's why you my number one lady thugger you got a raise" I can't believe that bitch just got a raise for not doing shit , she didn't follow orders that bitch was all up in my grill.

And as for you zaykayah......


Imma have to stop y'all there its been nice to update again.

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