Chapter 3

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||Senior Prom||

[Your P.O.V]

You walked downstairs, in a beautiful *insert a colour* dress. Tyler stood at the end of the stairs in awe. When you reached the bottom, Tyler pulled you into a kiss. He had on a black tux and *insert color* tie. Outside was a limo and some of your friends and their dates were out there

Adam and Alesa
Natalie and Jess ((as friends))

Tyler grabbed your hand and walked you out. You greeted everyone and got into the limo. You rested you head on Tyler's shoulder and he put his arm around you.

{{Time skip to arriving}}

He held your hand and you both followed your friends out. Tyler seemed a bit off about something, you couldn't tell what and then you saw it. Cameras everywhere. Kids from all directions searching for someone or something. Soon a girl stares right at you two. "ITS HIM" she screams as a mob of fangirls run toward us. Tyler got mobbed with girls with notepads with pens and selfie sticks with phones. He ran into the school and you ran after. He quickly checked in and ran. The girls were stopped by security. You laugh at Tyler and grab his hand, he's panting but laughing.

You both walked into the gym which looked amazing. Filled with blue and white decorations and people....EVERYWHERE.

After an hour a slow song came on, Tyler stood up from your table and put his hand out and you grabbed it. Y/N may I have this dance?

You blushed and went to dance. He pulled you close and wrapped his arms around you. You wrapped your arms around his neck. You spent the night dancing and laughing at each other's terrible dance moves.

The limo came and picked you both up and brought you both home.


You set down your bag and jacket. Before you could do anything else Tyler pins you against the wall.

[P.O.V Tyler]

I pushed [Y/N] against the wall kissing her neck, nibbling at her sweet spot. [Y/N] moaned as she lightly tugged my hair. I pulled back and carried her to my room. I took off my tux jacket and my buttoned up shirt. She ran her hands through my hair and kissed me. I grabbed her waist and pulled her close to me. I licked her lip asking for an entrance [Y/N] kindly accepted and allowed me to explore. My hands moved to the zipper of her dress and tugged it down. I pulled away allowing her to pull down her dress. Left with only her bra and underwear I scooped her up and laid her on my bed. I laid on top of her and kissed her neck and slowly grinded on her. She wrapped her arms around me and moaned. I sat her up and unhooked her bra. She blushed but didn't say anything. I pulled down Y/N panties and smiled in pleasure. She was tight. I pulled down my pants and my boxers revealing the huge boner i've had all night. I kissed Y/N and made my way down. I started at Y/N [size] tits. They were perfect. I kept going down, to her pussy. I started with one finger. Going faster with every thrust. Y/N moaned and tugged my hair, begging for more.

[Your P.O.V]

Tyler kept going harder, faster, you moaned loud, you have never felt this good.

He took out his single finger and added another, he kept going harder, it hurt, but it felt good. You've never felt so good. He felt how wet your pussy was and smiled, satisfied.

He began to eat you out. Sucking and nibbling lightly for your pleasure. He added a finger and kept going, you began to moan loud.


Finally he loosened you just enough to fill your pussy with his huge erection.

You looked at the huge cock that lay in front of you. You began to bob up and down on his dick with your mouth. Tyler moaned. He began to to push your head down, making you take his load he was about to release. "I-I-m cumming" Tyler moaned. He positioned himself and let his load all over your tits. You smiled and moaned, you dragged your fingers across your tits and licked your fingers. Tyler's boner got huge. He pulled you on top of him and placed you on his huge dick. He bounced you up and down, you moaned loud, it felt so good. Tyler played with your tits and rubbed your pussy and you went up and down on his dick.

"Fuck! Tyler ah! yes!" you screamed in pleasure.
Tyler moaned "Yo-Yo-You're so tight!"

Tyler threw you off and placed you next to him. He tore off the condom and released his loud all over you.


You both began to put your clothes back on and got all snuggled up, ready to sleep. You threw your leg across his body and rubbed his dick. He rubbed your pussy and you both dozed off.

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