The surprise

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( a/n note so I decided that story can be on HTTYD but yeah if u want it to be then I'll be happy ps Manolo is like 9 and surya aka your character is 8)
Young Surya's P.O.V: hey wait up! I shrieked to Manolo he said he was going to lead me to our father who had wanted to tell me or Manolo or even both of us of us something I kinda figured that he would want to tell me and Manolo something because ever since he told me about the gem story-not much of a story he seemed anxious about something but then again it could be a surprise for something We'll let me see it's not my birthday it's not the day of the dead anytime soon so what could it be I thought with a smirk on my face which worried Manolo because I was so caught up in my thoughts he waves his arm in my face and said: earth to surya he said with a bewildered look then I finally snapped out of my thoughts I was a little mad at Manolo because I was trying to guess what our father would want to tell us . Manolo what do you think dad would want to tell us? I asked him because I thought maybe he would know apparently he did know something because he said: uhh I don't know anything why are you asking me he said with a look that meant he was lying so I did not say anything and i had a vision of some island with little huts and a hall with a lot of people and dragons and one with auburn hair and a long beard with a helmet was holding my hand and then someone caught a dragon hatchling then the vision disappeared because Manolo once again disturbed me from some important information oh well maybe it'll come back......

Young Manolo's p.o.v:
What could surya be thinking about that was so important? I thought with a straight face then I had shook her to make her snap out of it which did work because she was walking with me to our house then our father appeared in the doorway then he spoke up the he said: um I don't know how to tell this to you two but I have some great news for you did you ever here about the isle of berk?. He asked us me and surya look at one another with a bewildered look but I said no and surya had said the same thing then he kneeled down to our size then he continued: well this is for your sister Manolo...surya next month you are going to live on the isle of berk! He said then surya finally spoke up: I'M GOING TO THE ISLE OF BERK! Wait you said for the two of us what does Manolo get?. Surya asked then our father continued: well Manolo is going to start bull-fighting training! I spoke up: WHAT pápa you can't be serious I said angrily then our father spoke up a once again but this time raised his voice: Manolo you have to live up to the family tradition!I spoke up: what about surya if she does not have to bull fight then why do I! Dad said: because you are a Sanchez man! You are a bull fighter and you know it! He finished then there was silence.
Young Surya's P.O.V: I broke the silence I said: well I'm shocked me going to berk! This so confusing I can't believe it I said trying to break the silence and distract my father and Manolo but that failed big time because they kept on talking .
Time skip ( sorry very,very sorry)
Young Manolo's p.o.v:
Argh my father never listens I don't want to be a bull fighter I want to be a musician I thought as I went to my room then I sat on my bed just thinking and then the worst thought of all just came up in my mind it was about surya leaving for berk I would miss her a lot I wish I could come with her I thought then some one knocked at the door I sighed then said who is it then the person said: it's surya can I come in?. I let her in I'm just glad that it's not my dad she came in then sat on my bed next to me then I said: hey surya can I tell you something? She nodded Well I don't want you to leave for berk I would miss you too much.
Young Surya's p.o.v:
M-Manolo I'm going to miss you too but we will see each other I promise I gave Manolo a tight hug like the one dad gave me all of a sudden Manolo said: surya....can't....breath......please.....let.....go he said almost out of breath then I let go of him Sorry Manolo I got that from dad I guess I said as I gave a small laugh and smile.
The end see you later snow flake dragons😘❄️❄️I mean it in a good way

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