Ask out on date

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You've been talking to Kai a lot and have become fast friends with the hot head you get a text from him as usual, but he asked you to go to the park you text him back that you'ed be there soon. You get dressed into a spring outfit and leave your house. As you reach the park you see Kai pacing which was unusual behaviour for him you walk towards him and tap him on the shoulder, Kai quickly turns and you see nervousness on his face. "Hey (y/n) can I ask you a question" you nod and he does a nervous smile "w-will you go on a date with me?" You beam and jump onto him "yes I thought you'ed never ask"

Cole being your friend for so long was most nervous to ask you due to not wanting to ruin your friendship. He invited you to his favourite cafe/bakery he picked you up at your house and straight away you noticed his stress. You give him a comforting smile and he takes off, as you arrive he tells you to find a table whilst he orders you both sit at the table you chose and five minutes late your cakes arrive he started blushing and he nodded towards the sweet when you gave him a confused glance, you read the writing on the cake '(y/n) Will you please go on a date with me?' You look back up and look into his eyes and give a genuine smile while you say yes.

Mr Sparky here asked your best friend what he should do and they just said to follow them. They grabbed you and him and locked you three in a room with them next to the door "(y/n Jay wants to ask you on a date he was just to shy, so (y/n) what do you say" to say you were surprised was and understatement you were so shocked you couldn't speak so Jay and you friend ( who ships you two so much) both started to leave but before Jay could you grab his wrist and turn him and kissed his cheek " I-I'll take that for a yes then" he blushed.

Zane ❄️
Your parents were out so you invited Zane to cook with you, he entered the house with a bag full of cooking materials including a pink apron, "(y/n) what's a date?", you blush "well there are two types of date ones were you and someone goes out for a couple of hours in a romantic way, and the other is a big raised that makes you poop" you blush for the fact you had to explain and you trying not to laugh at his disgusted face with the second explanation. "(Y/n, would you like to go on a date with me, that is the first explanation" you nod and you both continue cooking.

With his still semi childish manner Lloyd had a hard time asking you out on a date. You were at home eating food (I don't know what you guys like) when you here a tap on your window you look out the window and see your blonde friend waving for you to come out side. As you reach him he smiles to you but it seemed shaky "u-umm w *takes deep breath* would you like to go on a date with m-me?" You smile brightly and hug him saying yes.

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