Our talk

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Our talk

Third POV

Hiccup was walking outside. He spotted you near the roof sitting there looking up at sky. He walks to you and sits but You never make eye contact.

"Y/n... I'm sorry that I yelled at you." Hiccup said

"well you did. It really hurts. You reminded me of--"

"Your father." Hiccup said as you sigh

A few seconds of silence later

"As anyone told you the Astrid story" Hiccup said as you raise a brow.

"Yea. She was captured." You

Hiccup sighs "she got killed.."

You faced him. "How?"

"We were going for a run. I was going to tell her that I liked her but when we were alone... I forgot to search the perimeter, but a guard show up behind her and shot her. She fell to the floor blood everywhere I was devastated and angry.... very angry, the guard was young... Too young that he ran away. I didn't move, I didn't even try to catch him. I just stood there trying  progress things in my mind. That the girl I liked.... died. I was alone, all because for my stupidity and carelessness I killed the one thing that mattered to me, now it's gone." Hiccup said.

"Why did Toby cover it?"

"Because he knows the pain I was going through... He was trying to make it softer to others."

"You loved her?" You feel your voice get weaker.

"Love is a strong word.. That I'll never use." Hiccup looks down

"I'm sorry hiccup."

"No I'm sorry. Look this is how I act.. Demanding... You remind me of her. Strong, smart, snappy and beautiful. Y/n, we need to act fast... I don't want to make the same mistake again. Dennis has to do this." Hiccup looks to you.

"... I don't want him to get captured." I sigh

"Don't worry. He can protect himself." Hiccup smiles

"Can you promise me?" I said

"I promise. I'll do whatever I can to get him out." Hiccup smile

You nod... "Wait did you just called me beautiful" you smile as Hiccup chuckle and nod. "Its true."

"Well you're honest." You did a hair flip. You and Hiccup laughed 

You fix your hair and looked up at the sky. The moon was shining down as the stars twilight in the night."Haven't seen the stars in a long time." You chuckle

Hiccup smile and scooted next to you. He points out all the constellations there. You were amazed now how smart he was.

"Look at you. All smarty pants and shit." You elbow him.

"It pays off."

"My mother said The more you learn the more you gain the less  you'll be afraid." You smile

"Your mother was smart."

"I guess.." You shrugged

"You ok?" Hiccup raise a brow

You nod "I want this to be over."

"Not to long." Hiccup gets up and holds out his hand.

You grab it. Lifting you up. "Do you think we can defend the Ruler?".

You kept holding his hand as you two walk. "If we think fast and stay smart. We might a shot." Hiccup smile STILL holding hands

You sigh and smile.

You lay your head on his shoulder. He lay his head on top of yours.

'We may have a shot' I blushed at your thought.

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