I Cant Feel My Leg

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Ellingtons POV
No one knew why but Rydels right leg has been hurting a lot lately. She refused to go to the doctor at all. When she walked she was a lot slower so I usually gave her piggy back rides. I walked into our room and she was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at her phone. He sat down next to her and looked at her phone to. "Your not aloud to look." Rydel said. "Why not?" Ellington asked. "Because me and my boyfriend have dirty messages." Rydel said. "Oh I see." Ellington said with a smirk. Rydel yawned and laid her head in Ellingtons shoulder. "Would you like to take a nap?" Ellington asked. "As long as nothing happens." Rydel said. "It's depends." Ellington said. "Nothing better happen." Rydel said. They laid under the covers and fell asleep.
~An Hour Later~
No ones POV
Rydel woke up to a throbbing pain in her knee. She shrieked in pain and Ellington woke up alarmed. "What's wrong?" Ellington asked. "My leg hurts again." Rydel said. "Wanna go downstairs?" Ellington asked. They got out of bed. Rydel was slow so Ellington gave her a piggy back ride. Rydel lowered her head and whispered in his ear. "Thanks." Rydel whispered. He see her on the couch and sat next to her. The doorbell rang and Riker answered the door. Stormie walked in and came to Rydel. "Rydel I need you to tell me where your leg hurts." Stormie said. "My legs fine mom." Rydel said. "Delly I can tell it's not, all your brothers have called." Stormie said. Stormie touched her shin and she just sat there. She touched her knee and she bit her lip so she wouldn't cry from the pressure. Luckily she got away with it. "You'll figure out what's wrong with her." Stormie whispered to Riker. "Bye everyone." Stormie said before walking out. "Rydel why won't you tell us what's wrong?" Ellington asked. "Because nothing's wrong." Rydel said. "I'll figure out." Ellington said. Rydel just laid her head on his shoulder and Ellington put his arm around her. They stayed like that for hours. Finally they went to go eat. Rydel got on Ellingtons back and they went to a pizza place. They ate then just walked around. For. Couple hours they walked around and the guys played football. Rydel sadly couldn't because of her leg. She say on a park swing and slowly swung back and forth. She went a little higher and then noticed she was being pushed. She turned her head to see her boyfriend pushing her on the swing. She was having a blast until that throbbing pain came back. She started crying so Ellington slowed down the swing and asked her what's wrong. "My leg hurts again." She said. All her brothers, Ellington, and Rydel went home.
~The Next Morning~
Rydel yawned before getting out of bed. She fell immediately. She cried. Ellington walked over to her. "What's wrong?" Ellington asked alarmed. "I can't feel my leg." Rydel said. "You can't feel it at all?" Ellington asked. Rydel screamed in pain. He picked her up and they all went to the hospital.
"Rydel?" A doctor called. "Room b14." The doctor said. They walked in and she had a brace on her knee. "What happened?" Riker asked. "A month ago I fell over the diving board and didn't tell you guys because I thought it wasn't a big deal." Rydel said. "Seriously Delly." Rydel said. Rydel looked down guilty. "I'm just glad your better." Ellington said.

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