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character intro:

who said best friend can't be met online? hi my name is Camila cabello, people call me mila. i met this pretty cool chick online by the name of Lauren Jauregui. she's absolutely gorgeous.


i threw my bag on top of my bed, letting out a big sigh. i just got out of soccer practice and I'm exhausted. i plop on my chair and go on my computer, signing in to my Twitter and I start dming lauren. i always promise her when i get home from school to dm her so she's knows i got home safely.

CamilaCabello97: hey I'm home :)

LaurenJauregui: good babe, how was school?

CamilaCabello97: could have been better, but listen i have to go do homework 😩. I'll dm you later princess. promise.

LaurenJauregui: of course ❤️

i grab my book bag, searching for the worksheet Mrs. Taylor gave us. Taylor doesn't really like me well that's what i assume, she always tries to come up with some kind of excuse so she can call my mom and complain for something i really didn't do.

After two hours of doing homework, i go back on my computer as usual and go back to Twitter, refreshing to check if lauren tweeted something.

"@LaurenJauregui: i honestly hate my teacher" i laughed since i was just talking about her, i replied back with
"same" i got a whole bunch of notifications of people replying back to me with "Camren!" i furrowed my eyebrows confused until lauren dmed me kinda explaining since she was confused at first too.

LaurenJauregui: it's our ship name, they say we look cute together

CamilaCabello97: aw i see, #camren


the hashtag was blowing up like crazy.
#camren was #1 trending and the #2 trending was #camrenfeels. it was cute but some people took it too far, me and lauren are just friends. i gained loads of followers, hate tweets, and fan pages for me for some odd reason.

i logged off and jumped onto my bed, my eyes were burning. i cuddled up in my bed slowly closing my eyes and wandering off to sleep.

so this was a short chapter but it's gonna get longer :) hope you like it ❣

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