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Another member of the forensics team was examining the area where the body was found.

He was talking to Josie showing her markings on the floor just below where they found Mrs. MacMillan.

Al followed the other officer into what looked like Mrs. MacMillan's office.

He noticed another officer with a cat in a pet carrier.

"Where did you find this little fella?"

"Hiding, scared and hungry." The officer smiled and added, "The elderly lady who lives across the street came over this morning and told us there was a cat in the house. She used to feed the cat when the MacMillans were away and asked if she could have him. I'm taking him over now."

Al loved animals and was sure Mrs. Wadsworth would take good care of the cat.

Josie approached shaking her head. "Just as the coroner suspected. Such a shame. Poor soul."

Al entered the office where the officer was waiting for him.

"We found the combination to the wall safe and found these in it."

He handed Al a bunch of photos and a multi-page document with rows of numbers. The document was signed by Dionne MacMillan and witnessed, dated and sealed by a lawyer.

The photos matched the list.

That was the first time Al smiled since this whole tragedy began.

"Well I'll be......"

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