Blue eyes meet gray skies

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I kiss my mom goodbye and walk into the school. I hear the bell ring. Oh crap!
I'm late!

I walk into the school office and grab my schedule. I see that I have Ms. Trinket for first block, and I speed walk into Ms. Trinket's chemistry class.

I quietly gasp at the sight of her.

Pink wig, white makeup, purple poofy dress, fake eyelashes, 8'' heels, and a load of purple eyeshadow.

I can see the class has split up into groups. The jocks, the goths, the geeks, and the preps.

However I see one group that I can't quite seem to label. I see a boy with golden hair and sea green eyes with his arm around a beautiful girl with red hair and green eyes. I see a boy with dark hair and gray eyes, like mine. I see a blonde girl with brown eyes, and a fierce looking girl with jet black hair and brown eyes.

Only one of them really gets my attention, though. I see a boy with blonde hair and the most beautiful, stunning, ocean like blue eyes I have ever seen.

Snap out of it Katniss! I think to myself. But it's nearly impossible. He is the most beautiful creature on earth.

What brings me to my senses is the high pitched sound of ms. Trinket asking for my name.

" Katniss Everdeen." I mumble and she happens to hear me.

"Welcome Katniss Everdeen! Will you tell us a little about yourself?"

Oh great.

"Well, um, I like archery, basketball, singing, and hunting. I also live with my 12 year old sister Prim and my mother and father." Good enough, Katniss.

"Well then! You can stand while I find you a place to sit!" I nod.

She points to an empty seat beside of the beautiful boy, and I don't know whether I should feel excited or disappointed, considering I need to focus this year. That's when I feel his hand, shaking mine.

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