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Pen Your Pride

No One Said This Would Be Easy | Prologue

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Slowly, but promptly, I took heavy steps forward. My new eight-year-old self could hardly walk straight in my heavy snow boots my parents had forced me into, it didn't help that they kept sinking into the deep snow. It was a struggle climbing up the steep hill. The entire way up I kept moaning about how stupid I was to even attempt it.

Whoever created this hill was completely unaware that an eight-year-old may one day want to walk upon it. Nevertheless, I continued walking; actually it was more like I continued trudging.

Trudge, trudge, trudge, stumble. That was what I was doing.

As soon as my boot reached the top a grin broke out on my cold face. The handle to my sled fell to the ground as I struck a victorious pose. Success!

With no shame, I flung my arms in the air and moved my feet to an imaginary beat. Yes, I indeed was doing a victory dance, which in my opinion was well deserved.

However, the echoing sceam of my name brought me back to reality.

"Huh?" I yelled in response. Then to add a twist to my dance fest, I began doing the dos-a-doe, a new move I had learned from my dance class.

"Honey," My mum's authoritive yet soothing voice called, "You have to hurry, remember we are going out to celebrate later tonight! We have to get you home to look pretty!"

My nose wrinkled, was she saying I didn't look pretty now? Also, she knew I hated dressing up.   However, today was my eighth birthday so I guess I could dress up, but only a little bit. I was going out with my three best friends; Ace, Maggie, and Goose for dinner and play at my favorite place, Chuck E. Cheese!

They weren't the only people I invited, just the only one's that responded to my invitation. But, I guess that doesn't matter because my three best friends are all I needed! A frozen smile was plastered on my face as I imagined the night. Unfortunately, a cold breeze made the snow flurries brush against my face and my body broke out into shivers.

"Alright, Mum! Just give me a... ugh." I grunted the end because something cold had hit the back of my neck. What the...

I scooped the white fluffy material from my jacket and whipped my head around to find the culprit. There a dark headed boy with icy blue eyes and a freckled nose stood, laughing and pointing at me!

Stupid cootie infested boy.

I gave him a snobby look and ignored him just because he threw that snownball at me doesn't mean I had to react. My eyes narrowed and I walked toward my sled only slightly angered.

Before I knew it I was being pelted with snowballs. They were flying out from everywhere! When I turned around, one smacked me in the face and I fell over. The dumb kid couldn't handle his laughter and fell over too.

Quickly, I got up and reached down to scoop some snow up. I balled it into a tight ball and hurled it at the mean boy. The ball hit him squarely in the forehead and exploded all over his pale face. Victory!

I broke into another outburst of dancing, this one consisted of me throwing my arms and legs left and right and occasionally stopping to laugh at the boy's shocked expression.

While doing my little happy dance, I hadn't noticed that the dark haired boy had begun making a massive snowball. Then without a second's notice, bam!

The impact caused me to stumble back and my foot caught onto the thin rope of my sled. The world  wobbled for a bit until I reached the very edge of the hill and fell.

A shrill shriek of horror rippled through me as I tumbled down the tall hill. 

My landed with an Oomph at the base of the hill and quickly stood up to clear myself of snow. Thre ground rumbled and I glanced up, to my horror there was an avalanche of snow headed my way. I didn't even have enough time to process this before I was buried in snow, again.

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