18 something

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Al's cell vibrated.

"Detective Green...we got something over here at the MacMillan residence I think you should see." A CSI officer said.

"We'll be right there."

Josie said, "Why did you pick up MacMillan when you knew you had nothing on him?"

"I just wanted to rattle him a little."

"He sure hates women. Did you see how he looked at me?"

"Didn't miss a thing." Al responded. "Call Stevenson and have MacMillan followed. I want to nail this guy."

Josie knew they had less than nothing if they had to call a PI for help.

The CSI officer led them to the basement. "We found a hidden room behind a false wall."

As they entered the small windowless room they found it empty.

"What's the point?" Al was getting more and more frustrated by the millisecond.

MacMillan was involved in the demise of his wife somehow but they were not getting anywhere. Now they were standing in an empty room.

"Look here Detective." He pointed to the wall.

Al looked closely. Forehead deeply furrowed.

There were markings going up the wall in four inch increments.

"What is it?"

"I counted the marking and they correspond with something we found upstairs."

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