Thinking Skills

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Kamara's POV
= 2 days past simula nung weird moment sa bahay nila Chanyeol.

Tulala lang ako sa mga oras na dumadaan.

Nag-aalala na rin si Luhan sa kalagayan ko kaya't lagi niyang pinapagaan ang loob ko.

And I know just why he's doing that thing. And that's to make me fall in love with him.

But for so long that I've tried.

I just can't feel him with my heart.

Instead of thinking about his love for me,

I'm thinking about Baekhyun and Sehun.

Their love really means to me.

I feel them.

I feel to love one of them.

Who could it be?

( Ding-Dong!!! )


I'm busy thinking about things!

( Ding-Dong!!! )

What now???!

It's kinda irritating. ..

Stop doorbell please. ...

Tinakpan ko yung tainga ko gamit ang unan.

( Ding-Dong!!!!! )


Can't you not understand? ?!

I'm not in mood to open the gate!

( Ding-dong!!! )

All right!!!

That's it!!!!

I should open the gate....

Dali-dali kong binuksan yung gate.

Letter for Ms. Kamara?

Another mailman.

Ako po yun. Sino po yung nagpadala? -me

As usual ma'am!

Sabi nung mailman sabay tumakbo paalis.

Kailangan ko na namang manghula kung sino. Ano ba yan?!

I opened the letter. .

Answer Your PAST!

(Get the 4th letter in the question)
Math numbers of ours
Take for someone who's gone.
Your life lessens.

  14_ _ 7_8

(Get the 6th letter in the question except for apostrophe)
It's you and I marked in one living soul. It's where you can see past realities.  Butterflies around. Blooming fragrance of flowers; passion of love.
Sunny day dances makes our heart melt away.
Silver moon sparkled between us in a breezy night.
It's under the golden day and silvery night.
We're under that thing that catches light.
Go find it. And let the golden  treasured heart of ours will never be departed.
Answer:  _ E _ _ _W    _ _ _ E

(Get the 6th letter in the question)
Things impossible for others to believe.  But it's me who's finding someone who could offer an important element of a person.
The only way to live.
The only way to love.

Answer:                                                        _ _ _ T  _ _ _ L   _ O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N

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