Funny moment

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Funny moment

Niall: When you two both got totally drunk in New York and got lost. You spent the whole night stumbling around kissing, laughing, and talking loudly. Until you ended up in a park, and he dragged you towards a fountain and kissed you, but you both lost balance and tumbled into the fountain. .

Louis: You two decided to do a road trip, when he had two weeks off tour. It was going perfectly, until you took a wrong turn an had no idea where you were or going. "Louis maybe we should call someone?" You suggested. "Love...there's no need to worry I meant for this to happen." You just laughed and continued to look at the window.

Harry: It was only Harry an yours second date, he was of course a total gentleman. He opened the door and closed the car door for you, but instead of walking around he decided to try ad be cool and slide across the hood. But he misjudged and went flying off the hood and landed straight on his bum. You burst out into laughter and never let him forget it.

Liam: Liam was convinced he could teach you how to cook, .so he decided to start with something easy; baking a cake. You were doing good so far and he was letting you mix it. He was watching as you started to mix, but you had the mixer on to quick and as soon as you started, you both were covered in cake mix. You both looked at each other and you took the mix off his nose an ate it. "Yummy." You said before he kissed you saying, "Never again."

Zayn: You and him were both having a lazy Saturday, you both just woke up, so of course you were very groggy. Suddenly his phone started ringing and he went to reach for it, but it was too far away so he reached further. And it resulted with him falling off the bed and landing with a thump on the ground. You looked over the bed edge and just burst out laughing as he grumbled and went to grab his phone answering with, "Good fucking morning to you to Liam!" Hanging up with Liam and suddenly pulling you down with him, tickling you like crazy.

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